*Call On Me*

The most interesting event occurred recently.  RM went out to minister at a particular place.  The people were quite interested in the teaching of the word of God but when we started to worship and the awesome presence of Jesus began to manifest through his Holy Spirit, where God began to reveal the hearts, minds and lives of the people, they got scared and did not want us to return.  The Lord sought to use me to discern a number of truths about them and their leaders.  In much wisdom I administered  corrections, reproof, exhortation and edification but for some, the fact that I am a stranger and yet God could speak so clearly through me to them with such accuracy, concerning  their personal life and church was much too much for them to handle. Some were fearful (especially the leadership), that their deeds would be uncovered so they decided to not have us return the following night as was originally planned. Interestingly enough, one of the visitors who came along with us, got a dream that the members of the church and their leader drove us out of the church saying they do not want this kind of thing in their church. [Isn’t that something?] 🙂  It reminded me of the time that Jesus went into a country and performed a deliverance session and the people asked him to leave. The story is found in Matthew 8:28-34.

28-31They landed in the country of the Gadarenes and were met by two madmen, victims of demons, coming out of the cemetery. The men had terrorized the region for so long that no one considered it safe to walk down that stretch of road anymore. Seeing Jesus, the madmen screamed out, “What business do you have giving us a hard time? You’re the Son of God! You weren’t supposed to show up here yet!” Off in the distance a herd of pigs was browsing and rooting. The evil spirits begged Jesus, “If you kick us out of these men, let us live in the pigs.”

32-34Jesus said, “Go ahead, but get out of here!” Crazed, the pigs stampeded over a cliff into the sea and drowned. Scared to death, the swineherds bolted. They told everyone back in town what had happened to the madmen and the pigs. Those who heard about it were angry about the drowned pigs. A mob formed and demanded that Jesus get out and not come back”. {Msg}

The truth is, when you live a life that pleases God, He will always use you to the glory and honour of his name.  Its just that simple!  People must understand that Jesus loves them and wants them to come to know him as Lord and Saviour.  Honestly, without even mentioning the fact that without him they will perish in Hell, its enough to just get them to understand his love is true, pure, rich and all he truly wants is them – just as they are, no matter what condition they are presently experiencing.

Let me encourage you today to just obey God’s instructions when he does issue them to you.  People may not like it, they may not like you, but at the end of the day, you must never find yourself being held accountable to God because you chose to disobey him due to the thoughts or actions of others.  If God searches today, would He be able to call on you to be the one who stands in the gap and present him to others dispite the consequences? Would you be able to say “Yes Lord, You can call on me?”

Ezekiel 22:30 – King James Version
“And I sought for a man…that should stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none”.

What do you think?

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