Do I Really Know God???

Hey, I thought I would share with you this wonderful poem written by one of my friends.  It’s entitled: Do I Really Know God”

I celebrate Him as my Teacher And confess that he’s the best, But when he becomes the examiner I get disgruntled at his test.

I testify that he’s my comfort And that he’s always got my back, But then I turn against him When things go out of whack.

I tell others of his goodness When he makes my pathway clear,  But then I get all restive When I cannot feel him near.

I thank him for being my present help When troubles crumble at my side, But then when ‘that’ trial sticks with me How easily my thanksgiving subside.

I express to him my gratitude When he forgives me of my sin, But when others find out my dirt I get all angry and bitter within.

I speak of him as my provider When he supplies my urgent need, But then I lose my testimony When he doesn’t satisfy my greed.

I thank him for my job When the bills are all well settled, But when the expenses are greater In my heart ungratefulness gets nestled.

I thank him for being all-seeing When he rescues me from a lie, But when I suffer innocently His great wisdom I deny.

I hail the mighty healer For his touch when I am sick, But then I lose faith in his power When he doesn’t heal me quick.

I rejoice when he comes through for me When everyone else have failed, But then I ask “how could God?” When my desires get derailed.

I accept his word as God sent When his anointing breaks my yoke,  But when he sends a rebuke I question if it was he who spoke.

So I consider, yes I ponder, Do I really know him?  Is my heart towards God true?  I’ve searched myself and come up short, now seriously, what about you?

{written by Aniph Frazer}

(borrowed from:


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