*Homes not Hotels*

Jesus answered him, “Those who love me will do what I say. My Father will love them, and we will go to them and make our home with them. {John 14:23 – GWB}

I was thinking the other day – since God is the Creator of all things in the heavens, on the earth, under the earth, in the sea, under the sea and honestly just about everything, what do you give to Him?

He has it all… doesn’t He? [Hmmm]

I have come to figure out that He really does not have it all.  He does not have his Children – many of his children for whom all things were created in the first place.  He created us for fellowship and intimacy with Him.  However, He cannot MAKE us fellowship or have intimacy with Him.  Many of us say we have given Jesus our hearts but yet we work harder FOR Him rather than WITH Him.  We put so much effort into DOING what we are “supposed to do” that we forget to BE who we are suppose to be in Him.  Its amazing when you consider it really.

The other day in my intimate moments of worship with Jesus he said to me: “I just want a home not a hotel”. In other wards He wants somewhere to call His – Ownership.  People visit hotels for rest, rejuvenation  and relaxation but they do not reside there. After all the fun and excitement, they have to return home.  Even property managers and supervisors who may reside on the hotel property, in most cases they have no personal claims to the site.  They stay on to oversee the business but they do not own it. In like cases where people do live in a hotel many a times – they own it or related to the owner of the hotel so they are accommodated (most times only for a while and not a lifetime).  On the other hand all over the world people can and do own homes.  Jesus wants to be a resident in us with his name and address and “bills” and everything you can think of..solely because we belong to him.  He wants permanence and stability.  He is tired of the “nomadic and semi-nomadic lifestyle”.  He is tired of being a visitor and a guest.  He does not want to visit and revisit.  He wants habitation not visitation.

He will never intrude, he will never impose neither will he coerce us.  He wants us out of love to give ourselves to him, willingly and totally in exchange for Him – all of Him – love, joy, peace, righteousness, riches…  He wants us to get to know Him while in the process get to know ourselves.  So what do you give a person who has everything – your time.  What do you give God – who created all things and is in charge of everything?  Yourself – Body, Soul and Spirit.

So let me ask you: “Have you made yourself a Hotel or a Home for Him??????



What do you think?

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