Who is Who???

Thought I would share with you another one of my friend’s poems.  He is such a gifted writer.  Hope you love this one. I have renamed it but all contents remain the same.

God’s people of the bible is so much unlike

What I hear and see in my everyday life,

And it makes me wonder how far gone are we,

In our efforts to become what God said we should be.


They didn’t epitomize what society stipulated,

Nor did they follow suit to what so-called leaders dictated.

But they were resolute to defend what they believed,

Not like some of today’s believer who portray a people deceived.


The faith they demonstrated was at a total different level,

Their obedience to God must have marveled the devil.

Today we half-believe God’s promises to man,

So we each rest our hope in a contingency plan.


The prophets then were God’s voice of the day,

They didn’t sugar-coat whatever God told them to say.

They notified man how God required them to live,

Today, the message is all about what God wants to give.


Failure of God’s servants were never the deadly iron clamp,

Help and encouragement was always present within the camp.

Back then others helped to bring the hope of God to sight,

Today you mess up and your brethren pronounce your final rite.


Fellowship and love needed no microscope to behold,

The assembling of believers was a joy deep in the soul.

Today church is in session and the seats are filled with space,

Because we have sent the hurting to find solace in another place.


Care for the poor and destitute was not placed on the back bench,

It was a cause of concern that was practiced being deeply entrenched.

Each man counted not his possession with selfishness and greed,

Today’s some folks have abundance but the hungry they neglect to feed.


Fear of the Lord was not periodically seen as holiness was respected,

Words and actions of saints were checked continuously and personally inspected.

Now those outside are constantly correcting those who should be upholding what is true,

It makes you marvel at the dysfunction and wonder who should be leading who.


Copyright (c) 2010 Aniph Frazer



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