Pain or No Pain!

Have you ever been having a great day when one phone call, one message, one encounter just totally ruins all the pleasantness of the day and sends you into a slump?  I had that happen to me yesterday and it was absolutely awful.  As a matter of fact I was just putting the final touches on my message for the night since I am speaking at a “believers week” meeting and was already a little pressed for time when one phone call totally wrecked my emotions.  Such hurt began to well up in me that I felt like I did not want to go at all.

How could it have happened like that? It is so unfair? What am I supposed to do now?  How can I minister God’s word to his people when all that is in me is hurt, pain and bitterness was wanting to fester? I thought to myself that I was going to feel like such a hypocrite, liar and deceiver before these precious people of God.  How can I stand in front of them and know that I am filled with disappointment, pain, a little anger even and just all around feel awful?  Ahhh…

Anyway…while I was talking to Jesus about it, He said to me “launch out into the deep”.  I said “God, I do not know how to do that at all”.  He said to me “praise pass your pain”.  It was hard.  I did not feel like praising God, I did not feel like talking to anyone, I just wanted to sit there and immerse myself in my negative feelings.  Then I thought to myself… “the one party that Jesus never attends in my life is the ‘self-pity party’.  So I need to just get up and shut up my feelings, call them into submission and begin to worship the God of my life”. Oh man, was it easy?  nooooooo?  I had to anyhow.  If I was ever going to control myself at any point in time and call my feelings into subjection, this would be such a time.  Jesus is a great healer and I know that he can heal my brokenness if I just praise Him.  So that is what I did.  I praised in brokenness.

I was glad that I did.  My heart was not completely restored by the end of the night but what I can tell you was that there was such a peace that began to exude from me as I connected to my Creator.  He just overwhelmed me with his love and began to put my shattered soul together again.  Today as I write this, 90% of the pain is gone and I know it began because I pushed passed my feelings.  In our darkest times we have the power to give God such an offering of praise that rises up from the depth of our inner being and goes up to him as a heartwarming fragrance that causes all of heaven to rush to our side and bring whatever we need to thrive in the situation even if that particular issue is still there… [most times, it still is]

See, Jesus never promised or guaranteed us no problems, hurts or pains.  What he does state expressly time and time again is that He will be there with us through it, empowering us to overcome.  He does promise us peace and comfort through it all.  Interesting to note is that at the end of the night, a prophesy came for me from my Pastor that God said he was “molding and shaping me so that all thats within me that is not like Him  will disappear’.  God also said ‘that He is taking me to the place of brokenness and purity until I am so sensitive to His Spirit, where I know His mind so well that I can feel His very heartbeat”. It was very comforting to know that Jesus cares about me so much that he is willing to allow (not cause but permit) situations to mold me into His image so I can look more like Him as I work in accordance to his will, purpose and plans for my life.  What an awesome God. Oh how He loves us.

My friend, whatever it is that may be happening in your life at this moment that might be causing you pain or sorrow, remember you are more than a conqueror, more than a victor more than winner.  You are a child of God and considering that truth, if you just praise pass your pain, you will receive healing and wholeness in your spirit, soul, mind and body. May He richly bless and comfort your heart today.

“Why are you discouraged, my soul? Why are you so restless? Put your hope in God, because I will still praise him. He is my savior and my God”.  Psalms 42:5 – GWB


6 thoughts on “Pain or No Pain!

  1. pastor ammo this here blessed my soul bcuz now am away from church and not only that but it seems i can hardly find time and that am drifting, but this here has remind me that he really care and is here by my side.

  2. time and time again it has been proven that praising in your tribulations, pains, distresses and hurts, will amount to joy, relief, comfort and mending of the heart at the end of your praise. The key is that when you praise some thing must happen and when you priase God will lift you out.

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