Today, as I get ready to speak at a “Lady’s Social” on the Anointing of God,  I want to just leave some of my insights with you about walking into God’s anointing and favour that your life may be enriched with the fullness of His love and the power of his might.

1.  BE YOURSELF: Free yourself from the thoughts, labels and opinions of others about you.  That way God can use the real you and the photocopy of someone else you are modeling.

2.  Brand yourself based on the Word of God: Only say what God says about you – not what anyone [including yourself] think, say or feel.

3.   Let every ‘free’ moment be a time of prayer and fellowship with the Holy Spirit: As you build your relationship with God, through the word, prayer and fasting, He pours into you, make you more like him and seek to grant you the desires of your  heart.

4.   Speak only of possible Solutions not Situations: This releases peace to you, clears your thoughts and allows the Holy Spirit to quicken possibilities to your mind.

5.   Pray the Promises of God not the Problems of your life: Being optimistic  and positive gives God the right to bring surprises into your life and answers to your prayers.

6.   Let your experiences be a Supplement to knowing God not the Substitute to knowing God: Do not bring your theology down to your experience [or lack thereof] of God. Your knowledge and belief of God must be based on His word and nothing else.

7.   Do what is right especially when you do not feel like it: God is truly glorified as you would have subjected your flesh and allowed your spirit to rule.  That is how true victory is achieved and maintained.

8.   Become seed conscious before need conscious: Always think about giving before being concerned about your own needs.  As you supply and meet the needs of others, God will do the same for you.

9.   Walk in honour – Love and Respect everyone and find a man or woman of God to honour – sit at their feet, serve and learn from them.  This builds wisdom and character.

10. Obey God – No matter what! God gives illogical instructions not impossible ones so do not be concerned with who it separates you from or identifies you with… just be obedient.  You will reap the rewards in full measure.

This by no means is complete or conclusive.  They have helped me greatly to walk in the level of God’s glory that I do so lives are transformed and people come into a knowledge of who Jesus is and importantly also, who we are in Him.  I hope that they have shed some light along your path and they will help you likewise to know the heart of the Father, the  love of Jesus and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

“And thou shalt anoint them…that they may minister unto me…for their anointing shall surely be an everlasting priesthood throughout their generations”. Exodus 40:15 – KJV

“The anointing you received from Christ lives in you…Christ’s anointing teaches you about everything. His anointing is true and contains no lie. So live in Christ as he taught you to do”. 1 John 2:27 – GWB

copyright © 2010


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