Well if you have ever had a love one who died…I hope this will encourage you today.   It was written by my friend and so I thought I would share.  Thanks Aniph.

So you thought you’ve won just because she went away

You are sorely so mistaken so don’t start shouting your hooray

She didn’t come with you, she just answered the upward call

And slept away like Jesus who is the First fruits of us all


So you thought you’ve won when you hear her loved ones’ cries

Be assured they are assure that she’s gone beyond the skies

Her life was a true testimony of one who held out to the end

So it’s safe to conclude that God received her as His friend


You have tried so much to erase her but you’ve failed from the start

Because though she’s gone before us she’s still present in everyone’s heart

She fought as a true soldier and held firmly to her faith

And marched through with her trophy as she enters Heaven’s gate


Your power has been broken and your time is drawing near

So you try to unleash your venom hoping it will trigger fear

But death you are a loser and you should know you cannot win

Because how can you prevail over one who’s dead to sin


Yes we are moved with sorrow because our loved one slipped away

And our humanity forces us to get broken on the day

But our spirit remains strong knowing that it’s not a loss

Jesus secured our destination; yes He already paid the cost


He made us a promise which binds us firmly like a rope

That He’s prepared a better place so we hold on to that hope

So we know where she has gone to and we believe with one accord

That absent from the body she is present with the Lord


We need not say much more because it’s written in the word

That the doom of yours is waiting, we are sure you must have heard

We will both be heading somewhere when we’re through running this race

God said Heaven is ours to take but the lake of fire is your place


Copyright © 2010 Aniph Frazer


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