Impossible or Illogical?

So the other day I was in town, did some business and returned home to get some rest after such a tiring day.  I am someone who is always leaving money in my bags, pants and stuff like that.  Lately I stopped because every dollar now is so important that I need to give an account for all of them 🙂   Anyway this particular day  I was undressing when the Holy Spirit said to me “leave this $50 in your pocket”. Honestly, I did not want to because I am thinking God knows I do not do that anymore so whats up with this suggestion.  Nonetheless, I obeyed and totally forgot about it.

Now a few days ago, [the day I had to suddenly run in town and ended up losing my bed slippers] I got dressed and was waiting on the taxi to pick me up when I suddenly realized that the clothing I was wearing was definitely not suitable for the occasion since I was taking the baby along and had to breastfeed and whatnot.  So I decided that since I still had some time before the taxi got here, I would go change.  Now my husband had left all the money I needed for the business with me which in my rush to dress the baby and put things together, I had just grabbed and stuffed in my pocket intending to sort it out after I was ready.

Turning back to change, I was now pleased with what I was wearing so I resorted to playing with NJ not remembering that  all the money was in the pocket of the first set of clothing I had on.  The taxi was now almost at my home when I pushed my hand in my pocket wondering what kind of paper I had left in there when I found the $50.  It was that moment I realized that I had no money on me since the money was not in my purse but in the first clothes.   I rushed in the room and dug through my pockets, found the money stuffed it in my purse and headed into the taxi.  I smiled to myself. Remembering this story causes my mind to reflect on my slippers.  [Ah boy]

Then I remembered something I heard Mike Murdock said sometime ago that really resonated in my spirit. He said “God does not gives impossible instructions but sometimes he gives illogical ones”. Many times the Lord will tell us to do a thing that seems completely unorthodox, unnecessary or unimportant.  Many times he will not tell us why – our duty is simply to obey and we will reap the rewards at a later time.  If I had not put that money in my pocket that time, I would have gone to do my business without any money and what would I do when the time came to pay?  How embarrassing it would be for me. So what about cards you may ask?  Yes I had but they would not work for this specific thing that needed to be done. [I do not have a credit card by choice.  My husband keeps them. I have learnt to resist the temptation and stay away from anything that will cause me to sin…lol]

Moral of my Story?  Whatever God tells you to do no matter how weird, how crazy, how  unnecessary, how foolish it seems, just do it.    I have learnt time and time again the benefits of obedience and the sorrows of disobedience. No matter who it separates you from or identifies you with – just do it.

“…the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men”. {1 Corinthians 1:25 – KJV}


2 thoughts on “Impossible or Illogical?

  1. oh Mike Murdock, I’ve got about 10-12 books authored by him. My favorite quote is “the thing you can not walk away from is master over you. The thing you can walk way from you are master of it.” It’s 06:20 in the morning, I’m not long been up so that quote may not be word for word but it’s close.
    Hey, Keep It Real and while you’re at it…Have A Great Day!

    1. wow…6:20am, at that time am still zzzz. I really don’t have his books yet but i listen to him online all the time. I like that quote too. I have it written down.
      you know, i really appreciate ur comments. I look forward to them actually. lol. Bless you my friend.

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