*No Grudge*

Its amazing how children hold no grudge.  I find it a thrill when I think about that prospect of principle in the Kingdom life.  My little precious NJ is  almost 11 months and adorable is an understtement to describe him. [Honestly] Anyway, I found out that he is learning tantrums already and I will have none of that.  So he was gnawing on something which I took from him and my, my, he got into a real fit of anger and began to explode in the room.  I waited a little and spoke quietly to him – no response. I spoke firmly to him – same response.  He yelled, screamed, kicked me and hollered.  So I called for Mr. Two Fingers to send him a message [much to the dismay of his dad who is not into that kind of message at all].  Nonetheless, NJ got it loud and clear and began to cease his fury and started to stare intently at me.

As I thought He was through and was beginning to settle, he looked into my eyes, bursted into tears and began stretching for me to pick him up.  This has happened more than once – a mean him stretching for me if I had tried to calm him after he did something “wrong”.  My heart melted so much that I reached for him and began to cradle him. I totally forgot about what just happened. I thought about it and I said “wow.  What if all people, all over the world, especially those who profess to be Christians were as loving and forgiving? What a world we would have today”  My Lord, Jesus would be back for his bride already because his children would be showing the real essence of who He is, His nature, His character and those who are not in the Kingdom would want him.  [hmmm]

Children are so innocent, pure and trusting – no corruption has yet been embedded so its easy for them to just forgive and move on no matter how they hurt. No wonder Jesus constantly urges us to be like children.  He tells us to accept the kingdom as a little child. I can guarantee this truth: Whoever doesn’t receive the kingdom of God as a little child receives it will never enter it.” Luke 18:17 – GWB.

Its really freeing to hold no grudge.  Its Liberating. Trust me!  I was in trapped in unforgiveness for years because I felt it was an injustice to forgive some persons who had hurt me so bad and took things from me I could never regain no matter how hard I tried.  It took God – a lot of Jesus’ love and today, I prize the freedom I have to hold no grudge.  Its a gift no one should allow anyone to steal from them no matter what the circumstance.

IMAGINE: What if you and I made a conscious decision that although it might be difficult we will love and forgive each other and move on with our lives in spite of what they do to us or someone we love no matter how it makes us feel?   Don’t you think it could be the start of a revival or a revolution?  Just think, all it requires to enact it is you and me.


5 thoughts on “*No Grudge*

  1. Accepting the kingdom of God like a child, I believe this is really saying we should recieve the holy scriptures as they are(humbly) knowing that they are true, having no other opinions or beliefs. like a child would accept what he is told.

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