*The Journey*

I was reminiscing today on the journey that I have been on with my Jesus.  What an adventure! …smile.  Intrestingly enough, I found this poem that I wrote to Jesus a few years back – about 11 years ago to be exact.  It just brought me back to that time of seeking and searching in my life.  I wanted to be I guess where I am now with him ha ha ha…oh how times have changed.  I wonder if ten years from now I will be where I am now dreaming of being in Him so I can look back and smile as I am doing now?  Hmm…only time will tell. I hope so though.   Well I thought I would share it.  Let me know what you think of it ok.  Bless You.

The day you walked in my life.

You turned me away from envying and strife.

A day unlike any other,

That day when I became your lover.

Nights after nights I cry to feel your touch,

The warmth of your embrace,

Or even see your glorious face.

But the day my wish came through,

Was the day I realized “wow…I am now all new!”

You know me inside out,

Oh yes, beyond the shadow of a doubt.

You have stuck with me through thick and thin,

You’ve always helped me with everything.

This day I want to tell you from my heart,

That  Jesus you and I will never part.

You are my life, my love, my very soul,

So it will be until I am bent and old.

Your love and mine will always entwine,

From now until the end of time,

When at last ‘twil be,

Your face I will see ,

Then forever we will be,


From everlasting to eternity.

copyright © 2010.  Written by Amorelle Lewinson


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