One of the best times for me as a mother is when my son is sleeping and he suddenly wakes up.  I would many times, be watching him from afar.  He wakes up with this confused almost bewildered look on his face as he realizes that he is alone. I love to watch as he looks around, searching for someone  –  me, or his dad.  It’s fascinating to watch as he twists and turns and looks and searches.

When he searches and doesn’t find me he immediately sets his face up to cry.  At that point I step in the room and then his face changes and he begins to crawl to me with a look of relief.  It is the most amazing feeling to know that I am there for him. Its unequivocal.  He quickly creeps to me, hangs on and hugs me. I hug him tightly and cradle him gently.  Its the greatest feeling…the greatest.  As I am there reveling on the tons of emotions eroding inside me, the Lord spoke quietly to my spirit.  He said: “If you feel that way about your son, imagine how I feel about my children who seek and search for me and then find me?  I am always watching over them although sometimes they do not realize but though my eyes are over them, many times I hide myself simply because I want them to seek for me so we can both have the joy of finding each other together”.

I smiled.  I said “But God we do the opposite right?  when we feel like you are not there especially when we are experiencing hard times or various challenges, instead of seeking for you, we turn away and say you have forgotten us and you do not care”. How sad I thought to myself. I asked him to forgive me for all the times I gave up on him and thought that he did not care simply because I did not see him when I felt like he should be there. All this time he was there, he was just watching  from a far and wanted me search for him.  The word says “…Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened for you”. Luke 11:9 – GOD’S WORD BIBLE

My friend, I want to tell you today that Jesus is there.  He is near and He does care.  No matter what! Whether you have sinned or hurt him, He is still there – ALWAYS!!  He will always be there. All you have to do is repent, ask forgiveness and turn away from your wrongs and his free gift of Salvation will be extended to you.  Whew! [Talk about easy] Anytime you feel like you cannot find him, just begin to look around.  I guarantee by the time you are enveloped in loneliness, he will appear and there will be sweet fellowship as he puts his arms around you, cradle you and just love on you.  That is all he wants. Let me give you the equation: Fellowship plus Friendship equals Relationship. That is what He wants Relationship.  So next time you feel alone what will you do?


2 thoughts on “ALWAYS!!

  1. Seek God dt is wat i wil do……… Wen i think abt wat u said tht is xactly me sumtimes……..but inspite of dt God is always there although i thought He left………. God is so awesome………

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