He is still able…

Its good to serve Jesus you know….I have always known but today I want to encourage your heart just in case you are in an impossible situation. Jesus is still able to deliver.  Let me tell you my testimony.

I have some business to do before the ending of June, that is going to cost me a lot of money…thousands actually.  I have been praying and asking God to intervene in the matter and believing that he will because He is able.  A few of my friends know of my situation that God has told me to do this particular thing that is above and beyond my means and it has to be done by the date he has told me and I am no where near accomplishing it due to financial strains.

Nonetheless, I kept praying, believing and anticipating his response to me since it is his directive to do it.  Last week one of my spiritual daughters called me and told me she has some business to take care of near me in the town and if I was going in town.  I told her yes but I am not ready so she is to meet me there.  To sum it up she came to my home and took out a bag, gave it to me and said:

“Here… I have been in a partner plan for a while because I need the money to take care of some pressing business and the Lord has told me to take all of the money to you to do your business.  So here it is…”  She handed it to me with a huge smile.   I could not believe it.  I began to cry.  I could not believe it…  God did not just do that…  I,I,I could not believe.  God is amazing.

I began to pray for her that God would return a hundredfold to her and her family for this huge sacrifice that she had made.  God is awesome. After I prayed for her, God began to move upon her by His Spirit and she fell on my living room floor and for about 10 minutes the anointing of God just manifested upon her being. God just totally ministered to her and poured into her, it was great to watch.  She called me later and told me that by the time she reached home one of her in-laws came and gave her $45% of the sum of money she gave me.  Isn’t God splendid?

I can’t express into words the beauty of serving God.  He loves us so much.  He is super.  

My friend, I do not know what kind of strait you may be in at the moment.  I just want you to know that Jesus is able so just believe and keep praying.  Give your seed to help others who are in need and God will send others to help you in your need.  He is amazing and wants you to be blessed.  He is able to do the impossible just believe.

Luke 1:37 – GW
“But nothing is impossible for God.”


4 thoughts on “He is still able…

  1. Thank for sharing this testimony and for remind to me of the reward of obedience. He also promise to give back, press down, shaken together and running over. Let me also remind you that He’s an untime God.

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