I find something quite interesting…I don’t know how you feel about it…but, I find its so easy for us to be passionate and talk about the things we love – food, clothes, shoes, movies, games etc. but when it comes to the things of God the same passion cannot be found.

I was talking with some young people who say they love Jesus, love him very much actually, however when I got into the nitty, gritty of things and began to ask about their relationship with this Jesus that they say they love, everyone was at a loss for words… they all became silent, well more like dumbstruck. I tell you, it really blows my mind.  Whenever I ask how comes they are in love but cannot speak about Him and their relationship, all I keep hearing is “Pastor Amorelle, its just different”  My question is Why?  You know.  So I asked, “why is it different? Is it difficult for you to speak of your partners, food, movie stars, all these things that we say we love and are passionate about?  They all said no.  “So why is it so hard when it concerns God or the things of God”  They all replied “Its just different”.

So I end up right back at the beginning. Always!  I would really love if someone could help me to understand the difference and difficulty.  I honestly don’t understand.  My psyche is in a twist over it you know.  If you love Him and are in an intimate relationship with Him, why is it so hard to speak of him, speak to him or worship him in front of others like…friends and family?  I often wonder how it makes Jesus feels you know, because I feel bad and I am not Him.

Could it be that we truly don’t love Him like we say we do?  or maybe we love him in our closets and not in public, Or maybe we want to love him on our terms:- only half-way because the full-way takes too much out of us, Or maybe…. maybe…. I don’t know. I just don’t know.

I just dont get it…I do need help understanding or even different perspectives on this thing.  What do you think?


4 thoughts on “*Interesting*

  1. I am of the opinion that you are so right, Its really easy to say we love the Lord because it seems like the ‘Christian’ thing do but sometimes it just does not go beyond that….and I am sure it would break His heart.

  2. I think its sad, I really do. I also think it all goes back a relationship with God and not just a relationship, but a INTIMATE relationship with Him. And than we will not be dumbstruck or think to say “its just different”.

    We must be able to say why we love Him, because we are talking about a God whose love has no boundary.

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