What if??

I cannot get my son to call me mommy. He is 14 months old and the most adorable little gem one could  ever have in their life.  See the problem is, I call his  daddy “Baby” and his daddy calls me “Baby”. Has always been like this ever since we got married. [people would trouble us and say neither of us have names…lol]  Anyway,  because he hears this word so often and he seees that there is response from either of us whenever the word is said, he has began to call me “Baby”.   

His first clear words were “JESUS” and “HALLELUJAH”. [that still amazes me when I think of it]  I realize that because I say them so much, he quickly learnt them. He says them a lot and loves to sing because I am always singing and listening to worship songs (even while I was pregnant).  I therefore realize that as a growing  boy, he is learning so much at such a fast pace because he emulates everything he sees his father and I do.

I began to think, what if we would do that to our heavenly Father?  What if we would really emulate Him so much that all he does becomes a part of us?  What if we would think as He thinks and say as He says?  What if we believed everything He says about us and act upon it?  Can you imagine how different your life would be?  Can you imagine really being like our Father God not just in words but also in deed?   hmmm…



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