That’s what it’s all about

ok so our ministry  – Restoration Ministry {RM} organized and launched its first youth gathering [RMG] last Saturday June 25 2011. We had young people from all over the island of Jamaica – Kingston, Montego Bay, Westmoreland etc.    It was ridiculously awesome.  We were on such fire for Jesus it was amazing.  It was honestly one of the most tremendously, phenomenoal things to watch young people from all over the island, from different denominations worshipping Jesus in unity with such passion and hunger.

Jesus poured out so much that it still has me in tears every time I remember or re-watch some footage of the videos.  I know God was going to show up but what he did was mind blowing.  Persons who never ever felt the touch of the anointing of God’s love were instantly deluged with his fiery presence. It was magnificent.  I keep thinking to myself. This is what it’s all about. uh huh.  Hawling the novices to the presence of God and throwing them in a pit of cushiony love or resurrecting the dead areas in the depths of those who have gone cold for Jesus… or just igniting to a fevered pitch those who are already on fire for Him.. That is what it’s all about.  AWESOME.

Amazing thing is, after RMG, the next day, some of the young people from one of the churches that attended, went to sing at a concert and totally flat the place because of the lingering anointing they brought with them. I thought to myself  oh yeah “that’s what its all about”.  The power and presence of God began to manifest in such an amazing way, everyone in attendance at the concert, began to worship and disrupted the scheduled order of the concert.  super!

When they called and told me I thought to myself “yep, that’s what its truly all about”  ha haha.  God is amazing!


6 thoughts on “That’s what it’s all about

  1. This reminds me of the young interns at our church here in Atlanta, GA who recently returned from Jamaica on a missions trip. They were SO inspired and blessed by the people and blessings seemed to be very mutual–I will remember to pray for the teens there in particular who I understand have been under more emotional strain due to the economy that is affecting all of us…God is still in control!

    1. you know right. Thanks much. We all need those prayers. Whats the name of ur church? do you have a website. I could check it out. Bless you and thanks for stopping by.

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