Just trust him!

well, its amazing to think of how many times God shows up in the little things that we did not realize until much later in life.  Case in point:  A past relationship.  hahhaa.

I remember how crushed I was when it all fell apart.  [Devastated]   I was so hurt after I found out this man was a cheating, lying, son of a gun.  Hmm.  I almost ruined the divine set up that God had waiting for me in the awesome package of this man that I now have.  Funny in the beginning I would pray for God to allow that first relationship to disintegrate if it was not his will, but when I thought I was falling deeper in love, I was now certain that God spoke to me about it and even more sure it was his will so that prayer seem to not matter any more.

Little did I know that God was truly answering my prayer and then people who loved me began to warn me about the guy but the the little liar would deny it all. [of course]  Eventually I realized nah-uh, something must be wrong.  When once i proved him wrong regarding his location and who he was with, I realized that he was cheating and lying and I did not deserve that at all.  I was worth much more value that that.  So I totally decided no more devaluing of myself and left him flat on his behind.

That week I broke it off and made a resolve that all men are liars and I want nothing to do with them.  [I was so wrong]  That’s how hurting people think you know.  Eventually I met my husband and gave him a warm time because I just felt like he would do the same thing to me.  Sadly we tend to turn the best away because many times the worst comes before the very best.   Nonetheless, God had my back and sent the right package for me.  Yeah God.

Now am married to an awesome, awesome, man of God who loves me and I have never been happier.  Funny, 7 years ago when the pain was in my heart, I could not see what Jesus was saving me from in that dweeb. Last time I saw him, he looked like someone fresh out of jail. That’s one of the times I truly realized what God was really saving me from you know.  I could not see one ounce of godliness in him. He looked beat-up, broke-down and just plain ‘ole awful.  sheeshe!  What a life I could have ended up in oh Jesus.  What a gr8 God and Father.

So you know, when bad things happen, relax.  You never know what God is doing.  Eventually it will all work out if you leave it up to him.  A mean, he does have a panoramic view in comparison to our limited pericopial one.  Just trust him!


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