Shoot for the stars!!!!

I was watching a movie recently called “The Legend of Johnny Lingo” (at least I caught the last 30 minutes of it) where a young man – a wealthy trader,  wanted to marry a young lady because he had promised her eight years earlier before he left the village and became wealthy. So now he returned and the female did not know who he was since he had changed even his name.  When the father was asked the price for his daughter’s hand in marriage, he fearfully asked for a dowry of 2 cows which in that kind of old impoverished society was a whole lot to ask for.  The trader was offended at the request and offered 8 cows (1 for each year he had left and had the young lady waiting with heartache for his return) while the father thought the traders offence was that the request for two cows was too much even though he was wealthy. The father was really happy, more like over joyed and overwhelmed because  eight cows was like winning the lottery – worth millions.

This got me thinking… how many times we go to God cowering in fear thinking we are asking for too much when God is saying:  “Hellloooo, I am God.  I got it all. Shoot for the stars. Ha… surprise me”.  We think we might me asking for too much when God is ready to double or even triple what we are asking for just because He loves us.  A mean seriously, when we are in right relationship with Jesus Christ, we can never really be asking for too much. Jesus loves us and wants to give us the desires of our heart because He is wealthy and can do so.

When you go to God  today, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.  When your relationship is on par with what Jesus is asking and you are abiding in Him, you have no problem asking for ALL that you desire because he is willing and totally able and you are worth it.  So go ahead…shoot for the stars.


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