Last week I was ministering in a youth weekend crusade and the most amazing thing happened.  After giving the word the power of God began to move mightily on the young ppl.  Our team was busy catching people who were falling under the power of God and just overall showing the love of Jesus to the young people there.

When we were closing I saw a few young men sitting at the back of the church.  I gave an altar call but none of them responded.  So the Lord told me to call the one sitting in the middle, so I did exactly that.  He came.  I asked him if he was a Christian, He said: “no”.  I asked him if he wanted to give his heart to Jesus.  He said he was not ready. So I said: “ok”.  I then proceeded to do something I felt the Lord was asking me to do.  I held onto his hands without saying a word.  Then the most amazing thing happened.  My Jesus began to touch him.  His power began to flow through me and the young man started to tremble and quake.  I asked him what was happening to him. He did not respond. He stood there with his eyes closed and trembling so hard even his clothes was vibrating on him.  So I said: “My Jesus is touching you isn’t He?”  He bowed his head and said “yes”.  I said to him: “Jesus loves you that’s why He is touching you.  He wants you to experience Him.  Through an encounter with Him, you can have a new life if you give him your heart and make him Lord and Saviour of your life”.

The sweet presence of God began to flow through him. It was awesome to watch.  Jesus loves us so much.  I left him to go minister to some other young people and then when I returned he was on his knees praying.  Isn’t that just super?  That is priceless.  Only Jesus’ love can truly transform a life for the better and bring one into peace and solace.

I asked him again if he wanted Jesus.  He said “YES”.  I asked him why.  He said: “Because I now realize that Jesus does love me”  That is priceless.

People want something that is real especially young people.  The outside world has so much to offer and most of it is so fleeting and does not bring untamed, pure and true joy.  Yes it makes us happy but real joy comes from serving Jesus with all our heart, soul and mind.  When we find true love in him,  that is priceless.

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Remember Jesus loves you and just wants you to get to know him so you can see that He has great plans for your life.  If you don’t know Him would you please consider giving him your heart today?  You will find that life in him the right way is simply PRICELESS!!!


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