Just Humans

I have found that  people will always be people.  No matter how hard you try, people will just be people.  I watched someone very dear to me recently just had a raw deal.  I was so mad.  Some associates of his were in a jam.  They begged him to help and he decided to assist amidst his busy schedule.  During the process he told them he had to go somewhere for a while but he will return to finish helping them out.

As it turns out the errand took longer than he expected and the ones he was helping had to wait a while.  This is the part that really cut me deep.  Instead of simply waiting in anticipation of my friend’s return they began to murmur and complain.  I was awed at the behaviour of the people.  Needless to say, I was upset.

I was thinking “how could they? They are so ungrateful”.   He is helping and he had to do something else in the midst and they know he would not abandon them so why wouldn’t they just chillax and wait for his return instead of complaining and quarrelling?”  I was appalled.  Being the passionate person that I am, when my friend returned, I confronted them in his presence but he himself said nothing.  They all said they were wrong and really should not have behaved they way they did.  My friend said nothing.

After he was thru and was returning home we were alone in the vehicle, so I asked him “Why didn’t you say anything and you recognized what was happening?”  He responded “I cannot allow their negativity to feed into my spirit.  It can’t upset me unless I allow my spirit to be infected.  In addition, I know they will need my help again and if I allow their behaviour to upset me and in turn weigh me down it might cause me to not want to help them ever again… I really don’t want that to happen because at the end of the day I want to make sure my heart is right before Jesus”.

Hmmmm.  Well said.  It did not cause my burning anger to subside at that moment anyhow.  When I arrived home I began to analyse the day’s event and my friend’s godly mature response to it.  I smiled and concluded.  We are all humans. People Will Just Be People”.   Its our responses to people that will either cause us to be free or weighed down by the loads they seek to put on us for whatever reason.



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