*Break Free*

I was never able to fit into what my friends and family and people around me were into and being in a place like that can be really lonely and horribly terrifying.  So I found that for majority of my life I tried to fit into other people’s mould and ideas of who I should be and what they think I should be doing.  (Talk about tiring and overwhelming!!)

For example: I totally love jewellery, I was told its not becoming for a lady and a Christian at that so I should desist from wearing them… I did, against my own will and desire.

I absolutely love a great pair of pants, I was told they are male clothing and of course totally unbecoming, unladylike and unchristian so I definitely should not be wearing them… I did, against my own will and desire.

I ministered once when I was much younger and felt so proud because there was such a great out pouring of the anointing and then it suddenly lifted without any warning  and I was most broken and confused being young in the business. I did not know what to think… was God displeased with me?  Did I sin in the middle of what I had done? Did I act of myself instead of the Holy Spirit and so I ended up on the short end of God’s “beating stick?”.  I just didn’t know. I was told that it was due to the fact that I was not wearing any head covering i.e. a hat.  So Jesus took Himself away cause I had dishonoured Him by not covering my head.  (Seriously???)

Talk about Drama!!  Geez!

I mean for years I just tried to fit in and act with the crowd.  Eventually I got tired of people trying to define me and my life by their own standards and ideas so I started to rebel. (Wrong move, I know but I knew no better then)  I began to do the opposite of every thing they would tell me.  I began to get even more miserable because now I was ostracised and called if nothing else an insurrectionist .  Ah boy!  Eventually my misery led me to where I should have gone in the first place:- The Word of God.  The Bible.

I wondered what else was there in life except to be puppetered by those who consider themselves spiritual and in my opinion Jesus’ advisers on who I should be and what I should do with myself.

I realised the Bible says firstly that Jesus is madly in love with me (John 3:16); will love me forever (Jer. 31:3) and nothing or no one can ever separate me from His love (Rom. 8:38-39).  I realised that Jesus has no advisers (Is. 40:13-14), rather he is the Great  Advisor (Ps. 16:7).  He made me for a purpose (Jer. 29:11-13) and wants to guide me into it (Ps. 73:24), because its known only to him and can only be unveiled by Him.  That’s simply amazing.  Then He tells me I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps. 139:14) and He will be with me forever (Matt 28:20).   He tells me that His word should be my ultimate standard for my life and not the opinion of others (2 Tim 3:16).  Then He continued by telling me he wants to bless me (Deut. 28:1-14) and that together we can do the impossible (Luke 1:37) because Him in me is greater than anything there is (1 John 4:4) most importantly He died so I could be free (John 8:32 and 36).

Whew!  What a relief. I truly found Help! The best Help there is…So now I spend my days following Him and His words and not the ideologies of others.  I find that He is a much better leader.  As He has freed me so I also try to teach others that which He has taught me so they too can be free.  After all who likes to be in prison no matter what sort of confinement it is… Prison is Prison and that is not God’s perfect will for anyone.

So today, Get out of your prison. It doesn’t matter whether it is the prison of people’s thoughts, ideas and philospophies or prison of poverty, pride and powerlessness or prison of shame and disgrace or prison of debt, depression and destruction or your own self-made prison; No matter what kind of prison you are in Jesus wants you free. He has come in His love so you can be free. Will you receive Him so you can be liberated?  You’ll be glad you did!


4 thoughts on “*Break Free*

  1. this just totally blessed my soul. almost every word spoke to my being… my God is truly amazing, wat wud i b without ur words n constant uplifting? i love the Lord

  2. when i started i was nodding my head in agreement., because i can relate to it. but i thank God that he sent people like u into my life so i wont have to make the same mistakes, n i learn from them

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