%The True Focus%

I have found that sometimes as Christians pious and all, we tend to focus on the wrong things in winning souls for the kingdom of God.  For example, yes we know there is a hell and a heaven and without acceptance of our Lord Jesus we have eternal torment and separation from Him.  Nonetheless, the love of Jesus far outweighs anything else on this earth and beyond so why not focus on that instead.

We have a Jesus who loves us so much and thinks about us so much that He came and died so we won’t have to face eternal separation from Him, so why not make that the centre point of our lives and speech to others.  I think as preachers of this wonderful gospel we sometimes frighten people into the kingdom instead of allowing them to come through finding the true love of Jesus. Sigh.  I have realised that after the fright wears off, troubles and temptations come, people sober up out of their religious stupor and sometimes return to their old lifestyles – SADLY!  Many times their lives become worst than they were before they were “scared saved”.  That’s just awful because often times they never return to salvation at all.

Jesus is a good and perfect Lord.  The Father loves us so much and wants to be good to us and I believe if that is what people find, then even in the hard times of troubles and temptation, when they want to give up they won’t because they would’ve found something deeper than themselves or fear, It’s called LOVE.  Its the passion that fills the gap of our aching souls and no one has it unconditionally except Jesus our Lord!

So while all the others are important like: gifts of the Spirit, doctrines, traditions,  theologies, ideologies and so on, remember the greatest of all these is: God’s Love.


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