The Most Precious Gift

So yesterday our ministry [RM] went out to do what we do: share the love of Jesus in power with signs and wonders following. Every time we go out and the Lord moves in power and majesty it reminds me of how wonderful a God he is, that He is mighty to save and does want to save mankind.

When I watch people being touched by his love its wonderful. Giving his love to others is the most precious gift we can give anyone.  Let me give you an example.

While ministering one on one yesterday, I asked Someone to pray with a particular sister who was undergoing some serious crisis.  After the service she told me how she really did not want to pray for anyone because she, herself was going through a rough time dealing with the death of someone she loves and all.

However she says, by the time she took focus off herself and got deep into prayer for the other person, suddenly her depression and heartache began to diminish. What happened? She began to do for this lady what she wanted for herself so Jesus took care of her. See God wants us to know that he is always willing to help but many times we fail to understand the concept of loving others as ourselves.  Loving others enough to help them is not about feeling like it.  Its doing it especially when we don’t feel like it at all.  That’s a hard lesson to learn but totally worthwhile.  It brings benefits like second to none plus it touches God’s heart so much that He can do nothing but to touch our own hearts and circumstances.

So today if you have a need to be met, try and meet those same needs (or any other) for someone and watch as God slowly but surely meet and change your own.



One thought on “The Most Precious Gift

  1. a lesson well learned.i thank God for both persons allowing the love of the father to heal their broken hearts.i’ll try my best to help someone along life pilgrims journey.thank God for RM,thinking of the ministry is like just longing to be in God’s pressence.afterall thats what RM is based on.nutten nuh sweet suh

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