The Right Time

One day before my husband and I were married I was in the city waiting for him to show up for our date.  I sat down in a public sitting area anticipating his arrival.  He’s really a person of time but this day he was running late because he had a meeting that ran late.

So while I was waiting, I was trying to keep myself occupied when a young man thought I needed his company so he abruptly planted his rear on the seat next to me. So I held up my head as he began to utter some seriously cheesy pick-up lines.  As he continued  much to my displeasure, I said to him:

“I am waiting on someone”.  He replied

“He’s not coming man”.

I retorted “yes he is! He’s just running a bit late”.  

“Let me tell you girl, (with a smirk) if he appreciated a girl like you, he would not keep you waiting”. His ramblings continued for what seemed like forever.   I was truly weary of him.  Finally I said to him,

“Dude, (sigh) just leave me alone please. He is coming! I know he is. Matter of fact he will be here any second”.

Just then my phone vibrated.  It was my husband-to-be  texting to say he was a minute away.  I smiled!  I thought the guy would get the picture from my smile and sudden fidgeting but he didn’t.  He didn’t at all! So he drew a little closer to me and said,

“So you gonna give me your number baby or what?”

Just then my husband-to-be walked up and heard him asking for my number.  So he stood there with authority, hands in his pocket, with his handsome self looking down at both of us. He did not  say a word but I think mr. unwelcomed got the idea.  He stood up and said:

“Oh is your princess this boss?  Sorry, no disrespect man.  Everything cool”.  He got up and walked off.  

I was so happy.  I smiled broadly.  I felt rescued. When I think about it, it reminds me of us waiting on God and the enemy trying to seduce us away from Him.  Sometimes we are wanting something from Jesus and it seems to be taking much longer than we would hoped or even liked.  You what though?  Jesus will still always be on time even if he seems to be late for us.  He will not allow the enemy to take us away from Him as long as we keep the faith and believe that even though it seems like He is taking forever, He is still coming through for us.

First you will get a word of confirmation that “yes, it seems I am long in coming but I am on my way”, hold on to that.  Take it with a smile but know that the enemy will intensify his pursuit after that.  He may not know what your Lord has said to you but he may have an idea through your sudden change of attitude and behaviour.  So he will come a little harder at you knowing that he may be running out of time to win you over.  Don’t give up! Even though the battle has intensified you know your Jesus is closer than ever.

Best thing about it when He does show up, He won’t even have to talk.  His presence alone will drive the enemy away.  Those little haters and detractors will run like crazy when Jesus’s presence begins to fill the atmosphere.  They will have to apologize and take to flight.  Wooohooo!   So don’t worry about it.  Keep believing, keep praying, keep trusting.  He will come through at the right time.


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