“Warmth of Love”

Its great to know how much Jesus loves us.  Its quite comforting.  Let me explain.  I have not been well for the last couple of days, more like weeks.  (“Not well” is a gross understatement. sigh)  It’s so easy to get discouraged when things are not going well.  However through it all I realize something quite beneficial to my spiritual life. Here it goes – THE ENEMY DOES NOT WANT MY STUFF, HE WANTS MY JOY AND PEACE. (Wow, revolutionary)

Seriously, all he wants is to frustrate you to the extent where you give up on your God and your life.  He will use anything or anyone to achieve this goal.  So I was feeling down because everything was just going in disarray. Have you every had one of those times?  All directions just no light – it seems.  I slouched in my couch and felt sad.  I began to talk to my Daddy:

“Jesus, I know You love me.  I know You care for me.  I Know you do. I want your love at this moment.  Can you please come and wrap me in Your arms of love. plz! plz!”

I felt so desperate.  I had tried to be really positive through all that’s going on but this time, this last thing was truly pushing me over the edge.  As I spoke to him, heart broken and completely torn I waited patiently. He then came and I felt him invade my world with His sweet presence. The warmth of His love enveloped my being and personality.  It poured into me like nothing else can… my body rocked with the passion of His love for me.  I was brought to tears, lots of tears. I surrendered myself in His blanket of love and it was absolutely wonderful.

As the Holy Spirit began to minister to me like I have done to him so many times, I realise that this is what the enemy wants to prevent.  He wants to get us to the place where we are so frustrated and depressed that we don’t even want to talk with God or get in His presence because he does know in the presence of God our joy and peace will return then our minds will be at rest.

If our minds are at rest it makes His battle against us 100% harder.  You see when our minds are at rest the Holy Spirit can speak, lead and direct us.  Then our joy will be full.  His duty is to take our stuff (steal) which includes our joy, peace, sanity, sleep and anything else; kill and destroy us.  He will use anything that we hold valuable to achieve his purpose.  We then, must be firm and flat-footed and confident in our Father’s love.  He will come and rescue us or just give us the extra umph we need to make it to the next round of battle.  His report says “WE WIN”.   Never forget that!

So maybe your world is upside down at the moment, do not despair remember Jesus Christ is near and he cares.  Ask Him to come, He will.  His love compels Him to come.  He may not take you out of your situation but I can assure you with every fibre of my being that He will come in one way, form or another to help, encourage and strengthen you along this journey we are in called life.


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