“Walk on Water!”

Have you ever wanted to go to somewhere quite important?  You get all dolled up, all clean shaved, all properly made up, everything well put together and all you have to do is go out the door,  when suddenly out of no where, the rain begins to pour?   Living in the warm tropical paradise called Jamaica… this kind of thing is not foreign.  Its actually quite familiar especially during the hurricane season.  Its really annoying if you do not own your own vehicle and have to get a taxi.  Especially if you have to walk a distance to get it. Sigh.  Sometimes its horrible.  You will be sitting, hoping, waiting, wondering, and wishing  the rains would just go away.  Many times they just don’t.

So after a while the showers begin to subside and you begin to think “thank heavens… its finally holding up so I can now leave”.  You pick up your purse or wallet; button your shoe; slide on your pumps and from the midst of no where you hear a clap of thunder and lightning peels across the sky. You shriek:  “What? c’mon, Seriously? I can’t believe it”  Before you could say “it” the rains begin to smash the earth, pelting everywhere it hits with ferocity and untamed  power.

All you can do is sit back in your chair and relax or get aggravated and plan your next step.  Now its pouring so hard you can hardly see your neighbour’s house or even your own front yard.  Then you receive a phone call “hey, where are you?”  “At home.  Its raining cats and dogs here”  “Really, its bright and sunny here.  The function is starting and everyone is asking for you.  All the stuff you asked for is already here reserved especially for you just the way you asked. We are waiting for you, so what you gonna do?”.  “I don’t know” You sigh!  What do you do? This is terrible.   Where you are heading is bright and sunny.  Loaded with all the things you desire momentarily and looking quite hopeful with lots of potential for the future.  Beautifully Glorious!  However where you are now is disgustingly annoying, wet, sad, stormy, sulky and sullen. You now have a choice to make. Do you brave the weather and head into an even more intense, particularly unknown more uncomfortable situation to get to your intended destination or be stuck in a glum, morose, moronic situation that causes stillness, nothingness and static simply because it is known and more comfortable to you?

I think many times we choose the latter because it feels better.  We feel safe, secure but totally outside of purpose and destiny.  So instead of  being joyful we are happy.  Instead of fulfilment we have settlement.   Instead of friends we have acquaintances. Instead of peace we have confusion and obscurity. Instead of a home we have a house.   Instead of blessings we have riches. Instead of love we have lust.

Our journey in life is likewise.  Jesus loves us so much and has the greatest things for us.  However many times, our present situations are so sticky and filled with so many trials that we find ourselves having to decide whether to stay in comfort and familiarity or launch out into the deep and see if we may just, like Peter, “Walk on Water”. Quite the Conundrum!

I have found that many of us are willing to stay in our present circumstance – that which we already understand and is acquainted because it makes us feel comfortable.  We are willing to stick to what we know when seeking that which we don’t know many times holds the key to what we really should know.  Think about it.  What choice would you make?


What do you think?

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