Crank up your Desire?

The other day I had some business to do in town so I left home and headed out. After I was almost finished, I was left in a handicapped position in terms of where that last place is and the other place I needed to go.  I stood on the side walk wondering what to do. It wasn’t really a far distance so I could walk but man the sun was raving in heat and I was a bit weary already.  It felt like torture thinking of walking in all that heat.I could take a taxi but the traffic was moving a little slow due to rush hour so it was almost a waste of money.   However, because I was so fatigued any kind of lift would be greatly appreciated. [long sigh]

Funny thing is, I really felt like I should walk.  That’s why I was having such a hard time deciding.  It really felt within me like I should walk but honestly I did not know why neither did I want to do so. I was tired, weary, hungry, real hungry and that darn heat. Oh Lord!  So I stood there quite conflicting.  I began to walk off  but moving from the shade of the side walk tree, really drove home to me how truly hot the evening was so I turned back and paused again under the tree watching other people braving the heat and some seemingly not even noticing or minding it at all.  I said “oh God, I really feel like I should be walking but man, everything I don’t like is forcing me to take a taxi and reach my destination the easy way at a cost of course; but I just don’t know what to do”.  About a minute later I saw someone I knew passing by.  She stopped and we began some small talk.  She was coming off lunch break and heading back to work.  She was walking in the direction I wanted to go.  After a minute or two of chatter she asked “so where are you going?”  I explained  “I really want to head uptown but man the sun is killing me.  I am really tired and want to walk; at least for some reason I feel like I should be walking,  but honestly I just want to take a taxi instead”. “well I am heading that way, so…”  “You know what, I’ll just walk with you” I interjected. “Maybe having some company will help me forget the heat and how tired I am right?”

So we began walking.  About 5 minutes in, we were talking and bumping into people as we passed the KFC entrance, when amidst the traffic and noise I heard a faint voice “Hello, hello there…  miss”  So I paused and turned around and there standing was a blind man.  So I responded “yes sir”  He continued “I  need to get up the road can you assist me please? A lady helped me to here but she was going the other direction so she left me here and I need to go the final part of my journey to get home”  So I said “sure, no problem”  I held his hand and began guiding him.  I struck up a conversation and realise he was going a little further than me but it was ok.  The person said to me “Now you know why you were to walk. Someone needed your help”. “I smiled and said “so true”.  She had gotten back to the office so she said goodbye and left us alone.

So we walked and he shared some wisdom with me as I found it fascinating that he’s blind but does accounting as his lively hood. He’s someone I had seen travelling years ago but never really had an occasion to speak with him.  I was now about to pass my stop to take him to to his destination when suddenly I saw a bus that I know was going into his direction so I stopped it and he got on. The bus driver also knew him.  I gave him some money to help with his fare.  He said it was not necessary but I insisted so he took it and said he’ll use it to assist his neighbour whom he helps occasionally with money and other stuff.

After the bus drove away, I walked across to the plaza to get to the store I was originally heading with a gigantic smile.  I felt so fulfilled and happy.  Then the whole situation hit me.   God wanted me to help this man so he placed the need to walk in my head.  Circumstances wanted to prevent me from achieving this purpose.  Due my indecision but heart to obey, God sent someone along who was heading in the same direction to strengthen and encourage me to make the step.  When the help came I recognised and accepted.  So through that I got to where I should be and fulfilled God’s purpose for my life that day.  It’s truly grande. God’s plan is amazing.

Its life!  This is exactly what happens to us in life.  God’s plan and purpose for us is grande.  He wants us to live it because in the end someone is helped, He is glorified and we get the honour of fulfilment and achievement of purpose and destiny.  There are other secondary rewards but the primary immediate reward of peace and fulfilment is priceless.

What do you feel bubbling deep inside of you?  What do you know inside your heart but your circumstances and situations are trying to defy you? What do you know that you know that you know you are to do but just can’t seem to get into it for what ever reason?  Don’t worry about it.  As long as you do have that desire to obey God, Jesus will send someone along to help you get there.  Spiritually, there is the Holy Spirit and then He will also send physical help to mentor you .  As long as you have a heart to obey, you will get there.  He is God and He knows exactly what you need and will supply. Go ahead crank up that desire, He is waiting and more than willing to help it come true.


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