“Beyond Infinity” Part 1

Mother’s Day on Sunday past was truly splendid.  My precious darling husband made dinner so I never had to face the kitchen at all and he brought in our gem 2 year old son to tell me “Happy Mother’s Day” in bed to which he said “Ap-ye  Muzers Vay”. [lol]  Awesome.  I got my gift from them and it was most wonderful.

Upon attending service one of my spiritual daughters surprised me with a lovely gift and I surprised my four mothers with gifts and the day was great.  In the evening my husband took us out for Ice Cream and a little drive on the town so yeah, nice overall.

The next day I finally decided to open the gift my daughter gave me.  By the shape and a quick glance anyone could tell what the gift was so I knew also.  For that reason I decided to wait until the next day to open since I was in no rush because I already knew what was inside.  As I opened the package and was about to fold the gift back to put it away the Lord said to me “Don’t just put it up like that.  What if there is something else inside?” I said “hmmm, that would be nice but I don’t think anything else is inside but since You say so let me shake it and find out”  So I shook the bag and lo and behold I heard a shaking. “Wow, there is something else in the bottom”  I began to smile because I was so surprised.  I capsized the bag and out fell another gift.  I was grinning now because I was so taken aback by the fact that there was something else hidden inside what seemed to be such a small package.  When I opened the package it contained a gift that I had wanted so desperately and had spoken to God about desiring just the week before.  I was Astounded. Astonished.  Shocked.  Staggered.  I began to cry.  I was so overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe it.  It was hidden in the most unusual place, in a most unusual package and came from the most unlikely person. Tears rolling down my cheeks I said “God, I don’t believe it, I really can’t believe it.” He replied “Last week you desired it so earnestly.  I know your desires; it is my pleasure to grant you the desires of your heart”. 

The amazing thing is that I had totally forgotten that I spoke to Him about it just the week before. Even though I did not directly ask Him, he knows my desires and decided to grant me the thing I truly desired. Why? Simply because He loves me and He can. He really can.  He is an awesome Father.

What is that thing today that you desire? Truly desire? Not out of greed or selfishness or wordly lust? But out of the depths of your being its your yearning for your fulfilment of destiny?  That thing that deep inside your heart you need to achieve a dream, a vision, an aspiration? That thing which itself is a dream, vision or aspiration? Talk to Him about it.  He says in Luke 12:32-“Fear not… for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom”.  KJV.  So do not hold back on dreaming big in order to help others dream upon the fulfillment of your dreams. Talk to Him, believe Him and then rest assured in His ability to supply. I have heard people say “the skies the limit” or “reach for the stars”.  I have found out that there are over 500 million glaxaies that scientists have already discovered. So why should I reach for just the stars? NO WAY!  That’s too limited.  I say like “Buzz lightyear” in the carton movie “Toy Story”:  “To infinity and beyond”.


What do you think?

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