To Infinity and Beyond Part 2

Last time I told you about my wonderful surprise from my spiritual daughter and how we should think and desire the unlimited supply of God’s hand and heart.  I want to continue on the same line today but from a different angle. The package side.

I believe one of the reasons we sometimes miss the little pleasant, present surprises from God is that we underestimate how the package should look, when it should come and from whom.  I remember an incident that occurred a few years ago before I entered full time ministry.  I was working at a particular medical office.  Lovely, awesome job with many all around benefits, [I really cried when I was to leave but God said I should so after months of disobedience I finally left to enter ministry].   Anyway, back to the story.  So a part of my job was to empathetically inform the potential surgery patients the thousands that their procedure would cost and encourage them to have it done as soon as possible.  Usually by the time they get to my office they would’ve already been to the other doctors who couldn’t help so they really needed us.  Delay had the potential for great permanent damage or even death.

One day, this well-dressed, well-spoken seemingly classy but a little pompous on the attitude lady walked in and after her consultation, it was my time to break the news to her and try to, if necessary, work out a payment plan. So I began “Miss April, based on the surgery you are referred to do, the cost will be about JA$80,000 [that’s about US 940.00].  Due to the fact that your so and so has deteriorated and so has the potential to develop into so and so…” Her response was a look of horror, dismay and total shock “What!  Oh my God! I don’t have that kind of money.  I don’t, I really don’t”    “We can work out a plan or some kind of payment option for you…” She interjected with raised voice. “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!  I DON’T HAVE THAT KIND OF MONEY OR RESOURCES TO DO THIS PROCEDURE”  “So how can I help you make this procedure a reality for you?”  “YOU CAN’T.  YOU CAN’T!  I DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY.  I really don’t have that kind of mo-mo-money”.   Her voice began breaking and her face now sullen and sad.  Her head lowered and no more pompous attitude was evident.

I had been doing this job for a few years so I knew that look of hopelessness. That was probably the worst part of my job, my inability to help the patients.  I was heart-broken for her.  She refused to talk about the process any more or even tried to weigh what other options I wanted to present to her.  It was always a terrible time at work when this happens because I know there was nothing I could do.  By the next patient came I had to refresh myself and redo the process.  It was my job. It’s what I did! Sigh.

Almost at the end of the day the last patient came to my office and the process restarted.  This man was a senior and not very fair to look at, at all.  He was clean and put together –ish but nothing for you to admire at all.  I thought “Good Lord,  two times in one day.  That’s just awful! What is he going to do when I tell him his procedure prices?  Have a heart attack?”  Long Sigh.  Nonetheless, I smiled and began:  “Mr  May, based on the referral and consultation, the cost of your procedure will amount to JA$250,000 [that’s about US$2940]. Let me break it down for you…”  He interrupted “It’ok. You don’t need to just tell me to whom should I make the cheque?” I almost fell off my chair – Seriously!  “What did you say?” I asked. I couldn’t believe it.  He looked so impoverished. Nothing special to look at or even consider. I did not know that he of all the patients in the room would have that kind of resources; even worst on his person.  Man! It shook me up.

It made me think,  this man – in the case of my point – package, should not be able to have such resources.  I was totally judgmental because of my idea of what a person with money should look like. Therefore I misjudged both persons.  The one I thought didn’t have, did and the one I thought had, didn’t.

God often hides the best things, the best resources in the most unusual packages. Do not underestimate a package simply because of its size, décor or appearance.  His resources are unlimited and therefore he wants to do the big things for us but His way, His time and to His liking.  It’s just better that way.  really it is – Trust me!  He loves to hide the best things in the seemingly worst places – sorta.   Like a butterfly in a caterpillar’s cocoon. So don’t worry about it.  Your package may not be the best on the outside but because He desires to give you what’s in your heart, you can be certain He will not give you a snake instead of fish or stone instead of bread {Luke 11:11}

Keep desiring, keep dreaming! His resources are limitless don’t be judgmental of the wrapping because He is able to fulfil your heart’s need.  No matter what it is, He loves you and want to give you so let your heart take you “to infinity and beyond”.


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