I have found that some of the people whom we expect some of the best of behavior and the best of attitude will be the ones to disappoint us in the worst way.  I realize that some of us who call ourselves children of God are seriously a disgrace to that name and title.

For example, I happen to know of a particular incident where a church sister “April” was appointed leadership over a particular area at a church.  May, June and July decided that April should not be in that leadership position because “She acts as if she is the only one who can lead”.  So while April is doing her duties and needing the help of the others, May, June and July sat there all puffed up refusing to cooperate while criticizing her every move.  Then even worst, while April is standing with a friend after service, May  intentionally walks up right beside her and comments “I really don’t know what is happening within this church. The leadership of [the area that April is of course in charge of] is just heading down the drain.  I don’t know what’s gonna happen.  It’s all foolishness; humph, all foolishness. It was so much better when August was leading”.  Then May walked off.

Can you believe it?  What nasty behavior. That’s just beyond rude it’s really boorish. That attitude is ungodly and, and, and just disrespectful.  How is that love in any sense at all?  That, coming from someone who should be an example of Jesus?  Do you think Jesus would do that?  No NEVER!  Ever!   Imagine if there was a visiting non-Christian who was being witnessed to for the salvation of his or her soul standing there and observed that behavior? If I was that unsaved I would never want her Jesus at all.  If she is supposed to be an example of God I would want to believe that is how her God would also behave. Sigh

I really hate that we as Christian believers give our Jesus such a bad name.  You know Jesus is the best and the greatest, He just has some really awful representatives.  Which made me think that these representatives  really don’t know Him at all or else they would not or COULD not at all re-present Him in the way they do.

My son is just over two years old and he does everything he sees myself and his dad do.  His father normally takes off his shoes and put them in a corner of the house when he comes home from work and within no time as soon as his dad takes off his shoes he took them up and placed them in the same corner.  Why? Because that is what He sees his father doing repeatedly.  In the mornings he takes out the shoe polish and brush because he sees his dad shining his shoes in the morning before work.  That is what you call exact representation. He re-presents his dad with precision.

I figure out the problem.  Jesus says He only did and say what he sees his Father do and say [John 5:19] and so all He does is what His Father tells Him.  As believer’s we all want to operate on our own; our own thoughts, our own words, our own actions which all produce our own behavior. Not Christ’s behavior – OUR OWN!  So sad! Wonder what will happen when those who say they are followers really start to follow?  Those who say they are living examples really start living? Oh Geez, Wonder what the world would look like then?  Hmmmm.


7 thoughts on “RE-PRESENT!

    1. ha ha ha ha. In our Jamaica Patios we would say “Girl you nuh e z at all!” Meaning you are different and special enough to be recognized for your outstanding difference 😉 Thanks much. The thought alone is almost a teary moment. Glad I can inspire an awesome writer like you 😉

  1. This is awesome Amorelle, really awesome. As usual your post made me reflect on that which I have done or said that was not pleasing to the Lord. That which was not representing Christ, I have done a few, I repent and seek forgiveness from the Lord to do better next time, because there will always be an opportunity to not have the right Christ-like attitude.

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