The Dish of Justice

I believe sometimes we think that God is not concerned with injustices that are done to us through the enemy working in the lives of people. This is so not true. God is totally concerned because He says “…Whoever touches you touches the apple of his eye”. Zechariah 2:8 – GW.  I have proof of this which I want to share just now. Brace yourself.

When I was in high school there was an awful incident that was happening in my area. I lived in a rather quiet and uneventful neighbourhood so this occurrence was like a real nightmare. There was a rapist who decided that he would get to any woman he wanted to by of course taking “it” by force.  It was horrible.  All of us females were in danger. He raped a lady once by tying her up, violating her all night into the morning, sleep in her bed, re started and left at dawn all the while she was still tied up. Once we found out we were quite dismayed and feared for ourselves as females.  At that time, I lived with my mom alone so we were even in more danger. The police never could arrest him because his face was never ever revealed.

Anyway, I kinda forgot about it for a while and went on with my daily life as usual. One evening I was coming from school and stopped at the bus stop to shelter the rain. I saw a lot of persons sheltering including a couple of men and young men but I was not one who was conversant with them.  Usually I just say “hello” and go on my merry way. This day was no different except this man decided to “give me a talk”.  Unknown to me, I was encountering the enemy.  “Hi baby, how you do?”  “I am good thank you”  “So come over here and mek we talk no man”.  “I am ok where I am”  “So is what? You feel you better than talking with me?”  “Sir, it has nothing to do with being better than you.  I am ok where I am and do not wish to communicate with you here or over there”  He continued: “But is what this now? She feel like say she a angel and me a what? [hisses his teeth in annoyance] Aa-yyy, lemme tell yah something girl…”  At this point I decided I would much rather walk home in the rain than listen to him.  So I said “excuse me, I am now leaving”.  Those who were standing before me parted themselves like the Red Sea did for the children of Israel and I walked out in the rain.

While being pelted with massive rain drops I reflected on the insolence of this man and shook my head.  When I reached home I was soaking wet but preferred that any day to being insulted and hit upon by this fein.  Into the wee hours of the night, I studied a bit then decided to retire.  I was real excited about sleeping in my room that night because my mom had just bought me my first bed and I was eager to sleep on it.  To make a long story short, I went to bed and about 3:00am I was awakened to my horror realizing that there was somebody else crawling into my bed.   At first I thought I was dreaming so I rubbed my eyes and recognized I was not dreaming. My mom was sleeping soundly to one side and another figure was attempting to enter my space on the other side of the bed.  At this point something sharp and pointy was poked into my side and the person whispered in a hoarse, rusty, husky voice “If you scream or say a word, I will kill you!”  I wrinkled my brows thinking “Seriously, this dream, rather nightmare is too real”  So I shifted and lifted myself to see if I was truly sleeping I was rudely awakened to the fact that all this was absolutely real and I was not asleep at all.  He repeated more convincingly “Do not say a word or I WILL KILL YOU” and he began to now rub his hands up my leg all this while prodding and pressing the weapon deeper into my side with his other hand.

I did just the opposite.  I hollered and my mom awoke and jumped for the machete, which we had started sleeping with under the bed ever since we heard about the rapings in the area. She literally flew over us both chopping like crazy at him. She flipped on the lights and he began to wrap himself in the sheets to protect his face since his mask thingy had come off during the shuffle. He began to feel the impact of the machete blows so he reached up and stabbed my mom.  Funny thing is, I saw that he was about to stab her but I was terror-stricken by everything that I froze.  I opened my mouth to say “Watch out Mommy” but no words came out.  It was like “mo…………” and nothing else came out!  When she heard me say that she paused and to look what was wrong with me and got the injury.  The machete fell from her hands and she stumbled on the floor with the impact of the blow and the little culprit’s face was half revealed and that’s when I realized it was the guy from earlier the evening.  He shoved me then bolted through the back door entrance which he had pre opened when he broke in through the side windows. My mom said “Come on baby put on your sweater and shoes. We surely going after him.  How dare he try to mess with my child, humph. He really must be sick in his head or something!!”  

The whole incident was real traumatic for me.  For many days, I could not sleep.  At times I would wake up in the nights sometimes sweating like crazy with panic attacks and anxieties overwhelming me.  We ended in the court and just many tiring, dreary, unwelcomed  hours of trials, missing school and stuff.  He was arrested but it is alleged that his mom – a known woman of influence, bribed the jurors and so he was released instead of locked up permanently. I do not know how true it is.

After his release he would tease me whenever he passed me on the road and stuff like that.  I was so hurting. I felt like God had betrayed us and allowed him to go free.  I was angry with God. REAL UPSET.  I would be intimidated if I knew he was in my area because he and his friends would always be trash talking me and my mom. “Where is your God?  Ha ha.  My god get me off free like a bird. I am the real big man.  Oh yeah” Stuff like that. Sigh.  After about 2 years of fear, embarrassment and frustration, I went to God about it. I told God I felt like He had not cared enough to protect me from his verbal onslaughts {not even thanking Him that I was the only female, he never actually got to rape out of the many}.  I was so mad.  This is what the Lord told me “Vengeance is Mine.  I will repay and when I do, you are going to say to Me ‘Lord, You never had to do away with him like that’. I will repay in My time and My own way”.  I thought seriously “God you are truly working in slow motion”.

Three years following, I was now working and forgot all about it.  I had gotten over my fears and all was normal, whole and healed when I got a phone call from my mom. “Baby guess what?” “I don’t know what, tell me”  “September is dead”  “What?”  “How?  Are you sure?”  “yes.  He was attending a street dance in his area and was hitting on a girl.  The girl’s boyfriend came over and confronted him and they got into a fight.  He was drunk and so when the guy shoved him he backed away but was not able to control his steps.  He backed up right over the side and fell down the two storey building on a huge stone and splattered.  Literally!  His skull opened and brain flew all over the people and blood was everywhere” My eyes popped open and I froze in shock.  “What! Oh my God!  Lord You really never had to do away with him like that….ohhh.  I said it God.  I sure have said it.  Ha ha.  Well whether it was You who have done it or you have just allowed it Lord, It was a real horrible death”.  I hung up the phone and smiled realizing I said the exact words God told me I would’ve said five years ago. Amazing. Although he was so evil, I felt sad at the way he died.

Thinking about it, I figure out why it took so long for God’s vengeance to be performed.  He was giving him a chance to repent for all the injustices he had committed but he never did. He just went on and on with little or no remorse. That’s awful. It’s not God’s will that any should die but that all come to repentance but God can only put up with injustice for so long.  His vengeance is usually so severe that He really hates having to carry it out.  Albeit, He will only put up with wrong doings especially against His children for a time.  He will enact justice and when He does, it is usually well-done.

Many may not agree with the dishes of  justices that God serves up at times.  It leaves a nasty taste in people’s mouth but if my mom hauled me in the cold hours of the morning to chase after the culprit who almost violated her only child, what do you think God would do who is all powerful and loves us more than our earthly parents could ever do?  Think about it!


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