Pain or Gain

I have often heard the saying “no pain, no gain”.  It works with so many things in life.  For example whenever I go to get my hair done, going under the hair dryer is like a pain in all the wrong places.  Sheesh!  I totally hate it but I want to look good, put together and represent my God and my husband well, so it’s necessary for that to happen.

Let’s look at something else.  If we want to get our education then we have to “suffer through the pain” of all the required years to earn our various degrees.  It usually gets so much more difficult when we are nearing the end.  We feel drained, tired, overwhelmed, frustrated and all but we usually encourage ourselves into finishing, knowing we only have one year or one term or one month left so we push ourselves into completion.  We know that we must finish because it is necessary to move to another level in life.

I find it fascinating that it seems like only the things of God, that people tend to believe should ‘come easy’.  I have found that people do not want to work hard and push themselves into the next level in God because “it’s just too hard”.  I realize that there is little or no motivation to see it through to the end. Everything distracts us and everyone seemingly depresses us.  Where is our own motivation? Where is our own inspiration?  You know after about 20 years of pushing himself and constantly reaching for the prize of the high calling into the things of God, Paul attained it and was able to proclaim “It’s no longer I that lives but Christ in me” Gal 2:20.  Awesome. Christ is infinite so there is no highest or deepest.  All there is higher and deeper.  That makes it so much more exciting because we know that there is always more to discover and achieve. He found that all the pain was worth it all because he gained the knowledge of Christ.

I understand this clearly.  On my journey with my Jesus He’s allowed me to experience many supernatural and preternatural things. After going to heaven many times, encountering angels, fighting with demons and human spirits within the endless world of the spirit realm and many other things, I realize there is more to living for God than just going to church, so I began to press into the pain to gain a knowledge of them myself. It’s awesome.  It’s much pain, loneliness, frustration, lots of REJECTION AND MISJUDGEMENT, hurts, heartaches, trial and errors, failures,  persecution, trials oohh and the temptations; whew… a mean you name it.  Much pain.  What I have gained though is totally priceless. Who I have gained, A Friend! His name is Jesus! Invaluable.  Worth it all!  Now they, who have despised me, come to me to get even a glimpse of Him.  Isn’t that amazing.

If you truly come into the Friendship of God, there is no way you can just walk away without even attempting to get to the next level.  You will not like the aches but when you realize all there is to obtain, I believe with all my heart you will stick with it. You have to dig deep with much sweat and maybe tears to find buried treasures.  The value of that treasure I am sure will all be worth your hard work.  So let me remind you today that  No Pain, No Gain also refers to the adventurous Christian journey in life on earth.  Remember, when all is said and done it truly is a journey not a destination.


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