The Specialists

Today, I am feeling a little sad.  I don’t even feel much like writing.  Sigh.  When you feel like everything is just taking longer than they are supposed to, harder than they’re supposed to and it appears as if everyone is moving at the speed of light in getting to their purpose and destiny except you, you may be able to understand how I am feeling right now. [long deep Sigh] You know you are doing all that you are supposed to, being all that you are supposed to be in Jesus, but you are taking forever to get a breakthrough – it hurts.  Really does! A mean all you need is a seemingly simple, small,  shimmer of breakthrough. Is that so hard? [sigh]  I am just being real about how I feel today. Honestly.

I believe God can and will do the impossible but sometimes I get so impatient, when it appears that they who are living double standard lifestyles with much immorality and unrighteousness are prospering and you are abiding in God by faith through His grace and you’re getting no where – or little or no where to be exact 😦

It’s draining really to ponder these things.  I know Psalms 73 tells us about Asaph’s problem with feeling like I am about the wicked but in the end it all worked out perfectly when he got the revelation of the final days for those who are ungodly and workers of evil, so he was comforted. Tell me though does it end likewise when the persons are Christians?  A mean does it?  AHHHH…. Headaching!

Well, I believe like Asaph had a change of direction, I too just had one. Literally!  You see as I am writing this, I am also doing laundry so I just left to unload and reload some clothes when something wonderful happened.  My husband lost his pocket holder almost a week now, with all his important cards – credit cards, ID, drivers license  and so forth.   I had a dream yesterday morning that I found it hidden in a deep compartment of some kind.  In the dream I said “Ah Lord. My husband man, so typical of him”.   When I awoke I actually paid no attention to the dream because I thought it was somehow resting on my mind and so my subconscious concocted something you know.  So I went to unload his pants when I felt something deep inside one of his pockets – ta daah…the holder.  So I said “Ah Lord, my husband man, So typical of him”. Immediately the dream returned and I went “oh Good Lord Almighty! I dreamed it!  I totally dreamed it!  Oh wow”  and began to laugh, all of the sadness, I have been feeling all day suddenly disappeared.  Lol.  Another dream has come to pass right before my very eyes.  😀

I realised my friend, that you know what? GOD IS GOD. HE IS ALMIGHTY AND CAN DO ALL THINGS.  He once told me when I asked why is all the things that he has shown me taking so long to manifest even in the simplest of forms and he said “When you specialize in an area of life you need longer training than those who generalize”  I totally understood the concept because the surgeon I used to work for was a specialist and he would tell us his story that when all his friends were finished with school he had several years to go.  He told us that many times he felt like giving up because they were all finished and were making money but he was still struggling with a few years to go.  It was hard to hold on but he knew what he truly wanted deep inside so he persevered despite the negative feelings, discouraging influences and all the odds that were stacked against him.

I have come to recognize that to ‘specialize’ means spending lengthy, concentrated time and energy devoted to every tiny teeny area of that field in order to be able to know it ends in and out rather than general, surface  knowledge.  We would get all the patients from those doctors who could not perform the surgeries due to the fact they were not surgeons or specialists. For example: A General Dentist would refer their patients to a Dental Surgeon or a General Practitioner a brain issue to a Neurosurgeon. You get the idea right?   To specialize always takes a longer time but the rewards are equally superb because from a financial or employment angle you will reap twice or thrice what the others are making because they will have to send them to you or come to you themselves.  That’s Awesome!

So if God is working on you for a while now and nothing seems to be manifesting as yet, and you know you are being obedient and walking by faith through His grace, don’t worry about it. Just consider yourself one of  “The Specialists”.


4 thoughts on “The Specialists

  1. Did you ever hear about how a silversmith refines silver? A silversmith will hold an ingget of silver over a very hot fire. He does not drop the silver into the fire because it will be destroyed. Instead, he holds it over the fire to get out the impurities. He knows when the silver has been refined enough because he can see his reflection in the silver.

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