Daily Archives: June 4, 2012

R.M.O. 2

I am just reeling in joy today.  We went on our ministry outreach on Saturday called RMO – Restoration Ministry Outreach.  We went to help the helpless  elderly and had fun with the kids at a children’s home.  It is one of the most rewarding aspects of ministry.  I love it.  Its heart-breaking to see those sweet old people helpless and impoverished. sigh.  I was teary most of the times but tried to keep it together. Then we headed over to the Children’s Home.  It was super.  Thought I would share some of the photos with you.

We really are extremely grateful to those within and outside of DRM who contributed in any way.  Thanks for helping to make this day a success.  You will be rewarded by Jesus for showing your love to the poor in such a tangible way.

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