Away for a While!

sigh.  Hey. I miss you guys.  My system collapsed few weeks ago and so  I have nothing to use therefore nothing to blog with:-(  I can only check my blog on my phone but cannot post from it.  I am so sad… you have no idea.  All I do is on it. I have all my documents on it, everything and worst I gave away my desktop to someone who was in need previously and now my laptop is destroyed.  Its really heart breaking  as all my docs and everything from and for my ministry is on it. [long sigh]

My friend has lent me hers for a few days because I have a major event tomorrow [Sat June 30th] and really needed the use of a computer.

So guys not sure how long I’ll be away because right now re-owning a laptop is sort of heavy and needs proper budgetting. Ah well.

Love you guys and miss you.  Please pray that the Lord will provide me with one soon. After all He is the greatest Provider of all the things we need.  Blessings.



3 thoughts on “Away for a While!

  1. That must be unpleasant indeed. If I had the funds..I would give you one in a heart beat. It seems you use your means for God and that is always so refreshing. Keep being you sister in Christ. No doubt He will provide for you.

    Stay strong!

    Love in Christ,

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