When it Rains!

For the past couple of weeks I’ve understood the statement “When It Rains, It Pours!” Sigh.  My family was coming from an event about a month ago when our vehicle met in an accident. Vehicle immobile now and all kinds of other post accident incidents. Sigh!  No loss of lives, Thank God but ever since then, its like hell has belched its ugly fumes in our home.

Almost everyday since the last month, I’ve received some bad news about different areas of our home, work, extended families, ministries or life in general.  Smile, I’m telling you when it rains it surely pours!  It feels like all my issues are beyond pouring. It’s more like thunder storm, hail and maybe some brimstone…I don’t know.

At the most frightening peak of it all when I wondered why even my Jesus has gone silent, He reminded me “When the student is being tested, the teacher is quiet because the teacher knows he has prepared the student thoroughly for the exam. As long as the student applies was she has learnt she will pass the test and be promoted”.

It was not what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear. Its the truth. Today nothing much has changed except my mindset about all my trials and troubles.  I can actually smile knowing that my Jesus loves me and will never give me more than I can bear.

My friend, I just want to tell you today that my Jesus loves you, loves you too much to give you more than you can handle although in the midst of it, it feels otherwise.  So today If you may be going through your own testing remember that “whenever you see all of hell has turned up against you, it simply means that all of heaven has opened up on your behalf and is turning towards you”.


4 thoughts on “When it Rains!

    1. hello dear… funny story. The computer experts all say “it can’t be fixed”. They say I will be able to use it for for short periods caz its some over heating thingy causing another thingy to melt into another thingy that produces the prob. They say I can use it for short periods to prevent overheating which will cause the malfunction. So since i naturally live in the tropics (heat) i try to use it in the late hours of the night when the time is cooler or quick periods in the day time. It still freezes in the middle of work but by all means this is 100% better than nothing at all. Good to hear from you.

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