*Me Time*

ahhhh… Its wonderful to take a little break from everything to get some time for yourself and Jesus.  Hmmm. Its just awesome.  I’m on vacation and its great.  It was hard to leave my husband and son for two whole weeks but man, the little “me” time is super.   Jesus often slipped away from his disciples to go get some alone time with He and His Father so He coud be prepared for all that the next day would offer.

So likewise I’ve taken some time away from ministry and family so I can be replenished and revitalised for what the rest of this year into next year has to present to me.   I was seriosusly overwhelmed with all that was happening in my life. The many trials, troubles, disasters and so on, so God miraculously whisked me out of all the stress for a little “me” time and it feels GOOOODDDD!!  So am hanging out in New York  for 2 weeks and am enjoying it. I am doing my best to make use of every second of my trip.  Indeed!   First few days were brutal with the cold but lots of padding (including 3 pairs of socks) and now my body is adjusting and its getting better.

So when things get take rough and you are overwhemed, take a break from work, the kids, the phones, the ipads, the friends, the intenet or ministry and get some “alone” time.  Sometimes it’ll be with your spouse or other times just you. But take some time away so you can be refreshed, revitalised and replenished.  It’ll do wonders for your mind, body, soul, spirit and realtionships.


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