Grand Panoramic Sight – G.P.S

Have you ever been in a situation when you had major destiny shaking decisions to make and you honestly don’t know what to do and your answers can’t seem to come?  Well I have been in such and even now am going through such.  Sigh.  I became angry at God recently because I know He has a panoramic view of everything in comparison to my minute perioptical view and yet He is silent on such an important matter. COMPLETELY SILENT! [shouting and shaking my fist] Annoyed sigh!    Why? Why would He be silent when I have so much riding on this decision? Why won’t He just say go left or go right? Or standstill?  Why?  WHHHYYYY???  Long frustrated sigh.

As I pondered this in much aggravation, He popped a recent occurrence into my mind and it made me think twice about God’s reasons for His particular silence.  While I was on vacation I needed to go to a particular place  but my friend didn’t know where to locate it.  So she went for the GPS on her phone and we started out.  As we traveled, I noticed the lady gives turn by turn instructions on where to go but at times for long periods she says nothing. Complete Silence.  NOTHING AT ALL!  She says nothing about whats ahead until you’ve followed the last direction and arrived at the last given location.  Then she speaks again instructing and guiding us along our uncertain, strange and unfamiliar path.  The most amazing part of this process is that sometimes when she gives an instruction on a “Sharp left” or “Slight right” and we missed it, the most spectacular thing happened, she went “re-routing… re-routing” and then immediately she found another path that would ultimately lead us to our intended destination.  It was fascinating to watch as she even reveals to us the speed limit and when we exceeded it even by 1 she began to flash in red, changing from the blue colour she had when were below or maintaining the correct speed. Smile.  *Technology is great*.

As I reminisced this journey, it allows me to understand my Jesus just a little bit better. When He gives us an instruction many times, He doesn’t say anything else (about that instruction)  until it is completed. We may not know the next step until the last one is taken.  We may be going for a while: hours, days, weeks or even years (like Noah) and not another word about it.  It simply means we are to: continue on our present path – Stay The Course.   He knows exactly where we are going and definitely how to get us there.  He has markers along the way- His Word, unknown people, friends, leaders even our enemies, to wave a red flag at us so we know to: slow down, take it easy, relax, pray more, exercise faith, be silent, cry for justice or simply rely totally on Him and not our own strength to accomplish a given leg of our unfamiliar journey.

Sometimes we get distressed, depressed, delayed, confused, alone, lonely, deaf, frustrated and oh so tired and for whatever reason we miss the “turn” we were to take – the job, the school, proper location of a ministry, the new business, real estate we were to or not to purchase, the partner we were to marry… you name it.  We can miss our turn for all kinds of reasons but our Jesus will simply re-route His plans so He can come get us and place us back on the proper path.  His map of the world has all the long roads and short cuts to unleash our potential and whisk us to our destination of purpose and promise as long as we allow Him to lead.

My friend, Jesus’ Grand Panoramic Sight [GPS] never misses a thing.  He knows exactly how to get you to where you want to go.  So if you are in a situation today where you need to hear from God and He’s silent just stay the current course.  All in due time He will unveil his next direction and in no time you will hear “Your destination should be right ahead”.


4 thoughts on “Grand Panoramic Sight – G.P.S

  1. Sound wrds as always. I’ve bn cryin for days askin God y abt some stuff. Y???? N I’ve nt heard a blatant wrd fr him. I’ve bn sooo sad even until this point. Tnks 4 d wrd daddy. N tnk u mommy

  2. A Walk of Faith

    I had a dream on August 12, 2011. In this dream I could see myself walking along a rocky path; one that would be easy to trip and fall on if you didn’t watch where you were going. In this dream my eyes were also bandaged so couldn’t see where I was going. The Lord was standing in front of me and He was holding both of my hands. I had to listen to the Lord for each step I took so that I wouldn’t fall. What was cool was that as I was walking forwards, the Lord was waking backwards and yet He never turned around to see where He was going, His attention was set on directing my steps so that I wouldn’t stumble or fall. What I see as the meaning of this dream is that this is the beginning of a faith walk that will rewrite require a hearing ear and an obedient heart.

    Here are some things that the Lord is showing me. My eyes in the dream were bandaged which leads me to believe that my eyesight was damaged. We humans judge by sight and not as the Lord judges which is by the heart. When you are blind, you can not judge by what you see but must rely on the one with the sight to tell you what He (Jesus) sees. I said in the dream that I had lost my eyesight in exchange for His. When you are blind, hearing becomes vital to your survival. In the above dream, I was on a very rocky road and had to Listen to the Lord to know where to place my feet. It is a hard thing when your eyes tell you one thing but the Lord’s tell you something completely different . It is about faith in the Lord’s eyes, faith in His judgements as opposed to yours, and faith in His ability to lead and guide and not leaning to your own understanding of things.

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