“Life Happens”

I find it interesting how simple within a moment our lives can change. One accident, one drama, one incident, one second… Wow. Case in point a few days earlier I was going to church and in one second we were in an accident. Like that! It was minor but still will require quite a bit financially to cover damages. The driver of the car I was in now has to find money… Unplanned money if I may say so myself to fix the other car plus hers.

You know life happens, it really does. In a moment anything can go wrong. A cancerous diagnosis, a natural disaster, a robbery, a rape, a split ministry, a bankruptcy… You name it. Anything at all, when it does, no matter how huge or small the drama remember that your God is not asleep. He will figure out a way to help you and provide all you need to survive and ultimately thrive to the point of over coming all the obstacles in your way.

In our case, it turns out my friend knew the driver of the car and so they worked out a payment arrangement.
Not every incident works out in great favor but even when they are tumultuous and does a world of evil that wreaks havoc in our lives, remember that although life happens your God is larger than life and he can right every wrong in his time and his own way. Be patient and wait eagerly for him because he loves you and he will not leave you comfortless in your time of need and despair.


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