Today my husband and I took our son to the beach.  It was wonderful to watch them playing in the water: twirling, shouting, clapping, running, swimming, laughing and over all having fun while I sat on the shore indulging in a wonderful book. As I watched my son with his little orange floaty devise enjoying himself and my husband’s strong arms underneath him, something happened that reminds me of Jesus and us – His children.

My son is one hundred percent certain he is the one swimming and the floats along with my husband’s guiding hand underneath his little body has nothing to do with it. So although his daddy tries to show him that he is unable to manage the winds and the waves on his own he refuses to acknowledge it. Smile.  He keeps rejecting his father’s assistance.


So when he batters away his daddy’s hands for the one hundredth time and decided to swim alone, the waves hit his little 30 odd pounds body, he toppled over and watching it for me was absolutely hilarious.  As he was suddenly now baptized with all that water and his floats began to push him up above the surface he began to holler “Daddy, daddy help please!”.  His father then took one simple step and wrapped him in his big strong arms (depicted above). You see His father was never more than an inch away I must interject to say, but because he refused to receive help his father allowed him to have his way for him to recognize that he couldn’t do it on his own – alone.

I began to think of the many times we wish to do things our own way because we are so certain we have it under control.  So many times our heavenly Father tries to allow us to see that without Him we would fall apart but we fail to see because we believe we know what we are doing.  Then we find that we fail or fall – sink below our own dilemma and drama and have to holler for him “Jesus help please”.

The good thing is that like my husband with my son, Jesus is never more than a call away. When we call, He answers.  He rescues us. He loves on us.  He saves us. He allows us to understand our need for Him because He is the unseen guiding hand taking us through life’s adventures one day at a time.  Do you feel like you are slowly sinking? Whether it is your fault for rejecting him or not; just call him.  Go ahead!  He will run to your rescue because He is the one behind the scenes. When you examine it closely, technically He is the Scene. Smile.  That’s just amazing.


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