The Friend Search [Part 5]

I realize that having friends ease our burdens and bring certain levels of joy and peace to our hearts.  Today I want to show how understanding God’s timing can bring you the blessings you are praying to receive.

Continuing from a section of  The Friend Search [Part 2].   When we {Lois and I} became friends as I previously mentioned, we began to pray together every night.  Some how though, we felt like our circle was incomplete.  God never told us that we were to add anyone to our group, so we were quite apprehensive.  However we were certain that it was lacking someone. There were many “spiritual” persons we could’ve added but it somehow never felt quite right. We pondered this person and that person but we just couldn’t ask no matter how we tried. Sometimes as we were about to ask, something negative would happen that caused us to take a step back and not ask such a one.  We thought about it a few times but nothing seemed to manifest. It was crazy, weird even and we wondered why God gave us this sense of  in completion but yet He was saying nothing about resolving it.   So we continued to pray alone and just waited, hoping God, at the right time, would tell us what to do.

As we were through praying one night we noticed a young man passing the chapel heading towards the nearby cafeteria.  Immediately Lois and I looked at each other with a ten yard smile like something suddenly clicked.  We walked over to him and Lois said “Hi there Sylvester, how are you? Did you know Amorelle and I pray nightly in the chapel?  Would you like to join us?”  We looked at each other almost in an unfathomable manner.  Did we just ask someone we barely know, to join our prayer circle – our God designed prayer circle? [You better believe we did].  He smiled and said “sure, what time?”  That was that!  We began praying together and it was awesome. *Yay*

We had total peace in our hearts that we involved the right person and God was pleased.  See, at the right time God suddenly tapped into our hearts and unveiled his previously veiled plans for our group.  We figured out what He wanted and we moved on it immediately. *Nice*  All three of us became friends and we still are today. True friends.  Our prayer circle was complete and we stayed together praying until we left the school.  We prayed for anyone and everyone who wanted and needed it.  All hours and all times. We had many reports of victorious feats that God used us to perform for the two years we were there.  We set the bar for persistence in prayer with accompanying manifested success at the school and it all came because of God’s timing and purpose for us there.

All three of us are now pastoring and we help each other in ministry.  Let me tell you, in ministerial circles you need true  friends because although it saddens me to say this, it totally is true.  Ministers are sometimes some of the most hypocritical, malicious and Pharisaical people on the planet.  Trust me!  *Sigh* It shouldn’t be so as it promulgates and propagates a bad representation of our Jesus.  However, sometimes it  is that way  and so you need someone who has your back and will be there for you – no matter what.  Sylvester became my true friend as with Lois.  We share laughs, pains, sorrows, prayers. All our families are knitted.  We have true friendship and it began because we didn’t move on our speculation or thoughts of others we thought were perfect.  We allowed God to lead us at the right time and we gained a real friend in someone that God designed to happen.

God answered the prayer of my heart for true friends.  It took a while but He did. In this situation, it took me waiting on God’s timing even though I didn’t understand what He was doing and in the midst of it all He surprised me with the blessing of a true friend. I remind you yet again: don’t reject anyone because a person’s thorns may be just what you need to unveil your own rose that is hidden inside of you.


3 thoughts on “The Friend Search [Part 5]

  1. So from Obedience to Jesus, to being yourself in the midst of persecution, to letting go off the past, and into forgiveness and then understanding god’s timing all brought forth a blessing of true friends in your life….. Mother am wowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 This is truly a blessing… Help me Lord…….

    1. IKR. Its been a process dear heart. I know God is able to do it for you. I am confident. I want you to experience the joys of having a true sincere friend. He did it for me and He will do it for you. xoxxoxo

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