The Friend Search [Part 6]

So today my series on friendship comes to a close. I hope you have all enjoyed my journey on how God gave me my five [BFF] best friends forever.  Now as the series concludes I want you to also see how adjusting to an unfamiliar situation may release the blessing you are praying to receive.

I never wanted children – Truly!  I did not want to deal with the whole labor process and burden of carrying a child.  I know it sounds selfish but that was just the truth. I had been dealing with pain for so long that hearing the pain of child’s birth just solidified my reasons for not wanting any kids at all. See, I am diagnosed with Endometriosis,  which causes me to experience horribly severe pain which affects me not only monthly but my overall quality of life.  It also makes fertility problematic. Seriously, pain is the main symptom of Endometriosis. I have extremely painful periods, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, pain in the lower abdomen before and especially during menstruation, sometimes pain during or following sexual intercourse, pain with bowel movements, pelvic or low back pain that may occur at any time during before or after the menstrual cycle…  Pain Pain and more Pain. *Sigh*  Hope you understand now how this thing affects my quality of life.  At the beginning of the year I have to mark my menstrual dates for the entire year because I can’t take any appointments or do any events or stuff like that during that time. I give thanks anyway because some have life much worst.

After a while my menses got so bad, I went to the doctor to see what kinda solution could be acquired. There is no guarantee that any of the suggestions will be a permanent solution but to my horror the doctor suggested having a baby as number 1 on the list.  I wasn’t fond of it at all.  I would’ve much rathered the surgery as expensive as it appeared to be.  Nonetheless, the doctor said I am of child bearing age and because of the illness it might be difficult or not possible at all to conceive so we should consider it right away.  What he would not know was that the Lord had been showing me previously that it was time but I kept ignoring Him.  In addition to my own visions, others got visions and dreams of me being pregnant as well, much to my disappointment. While I sat despondent  disheartened  and depressed at the thought, the Lord told me: “You will get pregnant. You shall have a boy.  He shall be born February one….”  among other stuff.  Point is, I know God is always right and His words will not fail so my heart sank because I was now certain I would be pregnant and all my fears would be realized. *long sigh*

Well like thunder follows lightning it all came to past exactly as He said.  How does this story relate to friendship?  It is because I met someone during my pregnancy that I thought I knew but realized  I did not know that well at all. I  tortured myself  daily, watching all the labour reality shows I could find on TLC “Bringing home baby” and many others then I would cry about all the torment I was gonna undergo giving birth.  It was early in my pregnancy on one of these “tear fear trips” I felt a warmth deluging my body.  I was familiar with it. It was the warmth I felt years ago when I said some words of intimacy to a special Someone. I know who He was. It was the presence of the Holy Spirit.   He began talking to me; comforting me. I felt loved, encouraged, peaceful and that’s where another level of  our beautiful friendship began.   I had come to know Him over the years.  I knew Him as a friend but what happened with us during my pregnancy allowed me to see Him as my BFE.   Ever since then, I realize we can know God in many ways and still have infinite more ways that we don’t.  Due to the fact that I operate in a prophetic anointing, I know God’s voice to an extent and do have a super relationship with Him but what developed during my pregnancy, set the bar for what we have today.  

Every morning, the Holy Spirit’s presence would be beside me until night: – literally! I was really scared about labour and what would follow but through it all He would comfort me every time I get bewildered and distract me with good stuff to keep my mind in order.  He gave me jokes to make me laugh – out loud – and wrapped Himself around me when my emotions got the better of me.  When my fears overwhelmed me, He would allay them and ALWAYS  kept me on track when I wanted to eat junk instead of healthy food. He helped me choose proper clothing and footwear and kept surprising me with little nuggets here and there.  He would remind me to take my medications and calm me when I would become “preggerzilla” on my husband.   I got to know Jesus like I never did before and never knew was even possible.  He became my BFE.  My pregnancy caused me to realize how personal Jesus is and wants to be in our lives. It was unbelievable to know He was not physical but became more real to me than life itself.  He still is and we are even closer now than ever. I hope you too can say the same. If not, now is a good a time as any to start because He is ready and waiting on you.  He loves you – endlessly.

God answered the prayer of my heart for true friends.  It took a while but He did. In this situation, it took me adjusting to an unfamiliar situation to manifest that He Himself is the GREATEST FRIEND OF ALL.  I finally realized our thorns are created to protect the rose inside of us. *Yay God*


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