I Wonder…

As the New Year begins we all sometimes make resolutions. We set goals, we have dreams, we have desires and we promise ourselves that these we will accomplish by the end of the year. Then after the year comes to a close we realize we have not fulfilled half of what we set out to do at the beginning of the year. Then we get disappointed and we feel awful.
I began to think something quite interesting this morning. “I wonder what God’s desires and dreams for me are at the beginning of each year?”.  I wonder what He hopes for me in terms of goals and desires for all year, every year at the beginning of each year? The Bible does say that his plans towards me are good, perfect and wonderful so I wonder what He desires for me, through me, into me and with me?

On the flip side, I wonder how He feels when all or most of his plans for me at the beginning of the year that should’ve prospered me, blessed others and glorify him, do not come to pass when the year comes to a close.  He must truly be saddened and heartbroken. *hmm*

He wants the very best for us, all the time even when we are “bad” kids. He is the greatest Parent – the best Father ever and He has his own desires for us. He doesn’t impose them, but unveils them and leaves it up to us to choose them or not.
Those who truly love him put their wills aside and choose his, in spite of what they believe or want. Then suddenly they realize that His will was what they wanted for fulfillment all along. *fascinating*   Those who don’t, find out they get what they wanted with much emptiness and loose what they truly needed. *devastating*

I encourage you today my friend, amidst all your own desires, dreams, goals, plans and aspirations, why not pause to ask “Father, what are your plans for me this year? what do you desire to accomplish in me, for me, through me and with me this year?”
You may be surprised to find out that that which you wanted all along he’s about to grant through a much simpler means than you had planned or that which you wanted was about to lead you in a path of great danger and destruction. I urge you to allow him to reveal His heart for you, to you. Trust me, it may be the best thing you do for this year regarding you, your family and friends.


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