Do you fit?

So I recently got a new smart phone and I love it. I do many things from it that I’d do from my computer because its awesome and… of course smart. So while trying out some of the many live wall papers it has, I found one that didn’t look all that interesting. I had this great falling leaves one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Since am now opting to put a photo on the screen I decided to try out the others before I changed it.

I said ok, let’s use it in the morning and find another one in the evening since it seems so uninteresting and boring.  So I used it and forgot totally about it. In the evening, to my surprise the colours on the wall paper scene were different. They changed to a warm sunset from a sunny day scenery. I was so surprised. I said to myself “what happened to the wallpaper?” Upon closer look I realised it was the same one its just that the scene had changed. I was graced with such a pleasant image, I actually began to like and enjoy it greatly.  I decided “ok let me leave it on there until the next day”.

In the night to my amazement the scene changed again to a stary night sky. Lol. It was great. I felt proud that I had given it a chance although at first glance I thought it was blah and a little boring.  I almost rejected and overlook it because of its first appearance.

After admiring it a few times I smiled and thought about the fact that many times people judge and even reject us because we do not look the part. Many times we have all the right stuff but we’re never given the chance to shine because we do not “fit” man’s idea of what we should be and how we should be. Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Such a shame.  I am glad my God looks on the heart of man and not the outer appearance of man. If He did, somebody like me would never make it in His kingdom.

I would much rather fit into the infinite mould of God than in man’s limited idea of what life should be and how I should look in it.  God is the giver of life and only He has authority to “judge” anyone on it.
Next time you look at someone and think “uh uuhh” in judgment, remember give someone a chance to shine because their light might just be what you need to light your own darkness.


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