The Fool and the Wise.

My son who is almost three was getting on my last nerve recently. While I was having breakfast i said to him: “boy stop bothering me and go play outside or something man”. He turned to me and replied “mommy not talkie with food in mouth” lol.  This is something I repeatedly tell him not to do but was now doing myself.

I thought it was so interesting and totally cool that he’s learning so much to correct his own mom. Smile. It made me think. No matter how young we are in the Lord if we repeatedly listen to and practice His word we too can admonish anyone.  The key is to not just talk but do… practice, and do in love of course.

I have learnt that no matter how young or old we are, we all slip occasionally and its great to know someone (whether younger or older than us) can be there to catch us up, and keep us on the right track in love.

I smiled and said “ok baby, mommy is sorry” and kissed his sweet little face. The issue I belive that happens sometimes is that we are fooled into thinking we are too old, too wise, too important, too wealthy, too influencial, too educated to be corrected. Sigh.  The bible tells us that the wise welcomes and delights in instructions and corrections but a fool despises it.  See, it doesn’t matter who a person is, they have something they can offer you and you can learn from them if you are willing.

Some of the greatest persons ever are least listened to and even understood because we fail to “give them the time of day”.  Just a listening ear. Why don’t you sow some seeds of listening today. Listening is the seed for hearing. Have you planted any today?


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