God’s Song…

Today I want to talk about singing. However, not just any singing or Singer.

Let us look keenly at this scripture:


This scripture I hold dear to my heart because I have had several literal and personal encounters with God singing over me. [Good times :-)]  I planned to speak on it this week and then I found this beautiful post by Soaring Eagle.  His URL is given below.  Thanks for allowing me to add my little bit to it and reblog.


“I remember very clearly God showing me something one day when my granddaughter came to play. Actually she came mainly to sleep, until hunger pains awoke her. She was 8 weeks old and my job was to keep her asleep until it was the right time for her to wake up! I held her in my arms as I mulled what I was doing on the computer, and spent quite a lot of the time watching her face, and the movements of her hands and arms. She stirred at one stage and lay looking at me, so I talked to her and even ‘sang’ softly. She just lay and listened. After a while I played her Susan Boyle’s lovely version of ‘Silent Night’ which is on my computer, and she drifted quietly off again. They were precious moments – almost an hour of them. In a way I was also taking great delight in her, quieting her with my love and rejoicing over her with singing.

 We don’t often think of God doing such things with us – treating us as His beloved children – and yet they are both hinted at and referred to in Scripture. The whole Bible is an account of God’s great love, and His continual reaching out for a relationship with the people He formed to be His own. The life and message of Jesus is one of wonderful love, compassion and ministry, and His interaction with people in need is heart-warming.

 If I, as a human father and grandfather can enjoy such moments with my daughters and granddaughters then it is an indication of the love and intimacy which our heavenly Father wishes to have with His children. He said to me once, commenting on the actions of my own daughters, “Your children don’t have to ask your permission to sit on your lap, and lean against your heart. They know that is where they belong and it is, therefore, their right. Just so, My children belong on My lap, leaning against My heart and with My arms around them.”

 As grown men and women we can look upon such things as childish – and yet so many of us long spiritually for just such moments of love, intimacy and comfort”.

There is no need to feel foolish or be childish about them, being in the arms of Jesus’ love and tenderness is where we belong.  We should look to God for His songs over us.  He can soothe our troubles and bring us peace. [Zeph. 3:17]  Glory be to God!  


What do you think?

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