Heaven’s Song

A few years ago, I was given an instruction from the Lord “You need to build back the fellowship of the young people at your church.  They have all scattered and need to be lead and return to right relationship with me”  For a 19 year old, this seemed like an impossible task because God was completely correct when He said that all the young people had gone astray and it seemed I had nothing or no one to work with to complete the assignment.

I got together with Christine, another young lady who had hung around despite the falling away of the others, told her what God said and she agreed to assist in whatever way she could.  I was really happy that at least the two of us were willing since Jesus does say that where two or three of us are gathered in anything concerning him, He is in the midst to bless.

The first Friday night we met at church, it was just us two and another little boy who accompanied Christine.  We felt so alone not knowing what to do, how to get back the others who didn’t seem interested in church anymore at all or worst, win those to Christ who had watched the others turn their back on Him.  [Sigh]  It was a monumental task and we were feeling most overwhelmed and burdened.

Nonetheless,  we began with a worship song and we just kept singing.  We probably should’ve devised some kinda plan and so on but we were young and zealous and didn’t know much about leadership. As we sang we really began to get into the act of worship, focusing on Jesus in that moment and not the humongous  task that was ahead.  Suddenly I heard a lot of singing and worshiping.   It was awesome.  I got excited thinking others who knew about what we were doing came in and joined us.  I began thinking “wow  their voices are so sweet and calming, I didn’t know the church had so much talent wrapped up in it”.  Since my eyes were closed the entire time and I was siting on the front seat, I didn’t look around to see how many persons had joined us.  I just began to now lustily join them, putting my heart and soul into the song.  It was wonderful.

After a few minutes, the song ended and I was eager to look around to see how many persons they were and who they were of course.  When I turned around I was astounded to realize there was no one else in the church but us three.  I looked around and around and around. “What is going on?”  I looked at Christine who was sitting in the middle of the church and said “What’s going on?  where are all the people who were here?”  She said ‘What people?”  I said “didn’t you hear the choir of people who were singing with us?  They sounded so nice, so warm, so soothing. When I heard them my fears of failing God were allayed. I was wondering when did our church get such naturally gifted young people who left God for the outside world”.

She said “I didn’t hear anything.  I only know that mid way the song, I suddenly didn’t feel half as bad as I did when I just came in the church”  I felt silly and began to think I must have been hearing things. Immediately the Lord spoke into my heart and said: “I allowed you to hear into the worship of heaven so you know you are not alone.  As you worshiped, my angelic choir joined in and your words of worship which brought you joy, released strength to you and her likewise”.

I was amazed and grateful at the same time. Unbelievable! God enjoys worship and loves when we adore Him.  He takes delight in us and gives us strength and courage to complete our given assignment.  His words are true “In His presence there is absolute fullness of joy and unending pleasures forever more”.




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