So we have been talking about songs, (divine songs and divine singing).  Wonderful experiences that the Lord privileges us to have with him.  This particular God encounter I am about to share is very special to me.  I was at home one morning, went to meet with my Jesus when I suddenly realized that He was not His usual cool, calm and welcoming self.  He was painfully sad.

I began to talk with the Holy Spirit.  “Holy Spirit, What’s happening today? I am picking up that something is not as it should be.  What’s going on?”  There was no answer.  “Jesus, are you hurt today?  Did somebody make you upset, did someone hurt you or grieve Lord?”  No answer.  I know it wasn’t me because when I hurt Him I know instantly and I had no tug in my spirit that I had done anything to cause Him pain so I was confident it wasn’t me.

I said to Him, “I will clear all that I have to do today and give You ALL my attention until You feel better. I will not stop loving on You until I know You are ok”.  Still no response. So I thought to myself  “I know what You can’t resist so I’ll just do it”.   I began to sing to Him.  This was the first song I sang:

“Tell Me your dreams, so they can be Mine too, call on Me, I’m here for you. That’s all I am asking from you”.

I believe its a Brian McKnight with my own variation of words.   I sang and danced and sang some more to Him, and even added a few worship songs. * Smile*.  After about 45 minutes, I felt the atmosphere lifting and I realized He was not sad anymore.  I began to smile because I had gotten the job done.  He said to me: “Thank you very much.  I am much better now.”  I then talked with Him a little and later left to pursue my schedule.

I was actually impressed that my day, that I had put on pause to give Him my full attention turned out great.  I mean the extra hour or so that I didn’t equate in that time slot to spend in His presence was returned to me and I got so much more done.  It’s as if He slowed time to return to me what I gave to Him.  *It was super*

A few months later I had a nasty day and really wasn’t wanting to talk to anyone.  I was in a foul mood and was really snappy, grouchy and emotional.  After doing laundry and some other mundane tasks that were seriously adding to my terrible mood, I sat down saddened and disheartened.  Suddenly I felt the warmth of His presence creeping up on me.  I retorted “Jesus, I’m having an awful day and I really don’t feel much like hanging out with You right now.  I am really sorry Lord.  I just wanna be alone and pine at my misfortune”.  He didn’t reply.  All I heard was:

 “Tell me your dreams, so they can be mine too, call on me, I’m here for you. That’s all I am asking from You.”

I was so taken aback. It permeated all the stress of my wounded soul. I immediately began to cry.  He was singing to me. He was singing me. He was actually singing my darkness away with the light in His words. His love for me pushed its way through my sorrow to bring peace to me.  The exact song I sang to him a few months ago when He was down and saddened, was the exact song He was singing to me now that I was the one who was feeling hurt, depressed and down.

He said no words instead, He sang them all.  They made my heart melt and brought solace to me.  He comforted me in my time of great emotional need with His beautiful voice. The Bible does say the Holy Spirit is our Comforter and comfort me He did. *sweet*  He does take delight in us my friend and does want to rejoice over us with singing.  Allow Him to minister to you with His voice. It may not take you out of your storm but it certainly will give you all you need to take you through your storm.  Wow, What a great God!

Heaven's Song


8 thoughts on “Heaven’s Song [part II]

  1. I needed this. Thanks , sister. 🙂 I have been crying a lot today. . .I don’t know if it’s this pre- anxiety I’m feeling of separating from my twin after graduation. . .but I’m just really stressed lately. This was needed.

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