Going on a strike? Really?

I really wonder why the body of Christ just can’t understand that each person has a different function and purpose and all we need to do is develop that which God created us for and compliment the remaining body parts so together we can unite as one and be complete.

A mean seriously I have never heard of the eye quarrelling on the ear that all it does is hear.  Can u imagine :

Eye: I am so tired of seeing… gosh.  All I do is see.  I am the ONLY ONE seeing.  Nose, why can’t you see too huh? All day long, all you do is smell, inhale and exhale air. Good Lord!  A mean seriously even you elbow, why can’t you see also? eh why?  All you do is bend and flex. You are so hard and bony.  Goodness, why can’t you be like me?  I am just going to stop looking out.  If non one else will choose to see then, I am sorry.  I am going to stop seeing.  I am striking”.

Its ridiculous!  The eye’s job is to see.  Only see.  Function in it and do it well for crying out loud!  Imagine if our buttocks went on strike?  How would we manage?  Each part of the body is important.  No matter where they are located or what design or function the Lord assigned to them.  They are all important and strategic.  Can you imagine if your nose was located on top of your head?  You would drown at the slightest of shower (rain, snow or bath).  Imagine if your eyes were where your foot bottom is; you wouldn’t be able to walk – period!  sigh.

Get it right people of God. For heaven’s sake man.  We all are important and strategic.  God know’s exactly what He was doing when He created us fearfully and wonderfully great – in his image and likeness. When we learn our place and function in it accordingly, the glory of God will be revealed then people can praise God for His good works.



15 thoughts on “Going on a strike? Really?

  1. You are so right. Just walk in your calling not another person’s. Imagine how ugly we would be if we were made up of just eyes and serving only one function.

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