Carry Them Out!

Obeying God is vitally important to not just to our lives but to those around us whether we realize it or not.

A few years ago I was in  a worship service at church.  in the midst of it all, the Lord said to me “Lie down on the ground and worship me”.  I didn’t feel like it. Everyone knows me as one who usually lies or bows in worship but this particular evening, I didn’t want to at all.  I have no idea why but, I surely did not feel like it and did not want to do it at all. Sigh..

Nonetheless after wrestling a bit I went down in worship.  While I was going down on the floor, I vaguely noticed one of our young ladies at the back  sitting on the floor in the walkway.  I overlooked her and and went prostrate on the floor and adored my Jesus. After a few minutes well, the Lord said to me “You can get up now”  so I did… much to my pleasure.

When the service was dismissed, I was standing outside when a young lady walked up to me and said “Why did you lie on the floor during worship?”  I replied “Because God told me to do so”. She shook her head and half smiled.  “What’s the prob?” I investigated. She explained, “When the worship got intense, I felt within my spirit that I was to stretch myself on the floor in worship to God but I was so scared.  I wanted to do it so much but complete fear overtook me.  Fear of what people will think, fear of how it will look, fear if I am sensing correctly in ma spirit…just utter devastating fear. As a matter of fact, I was so convinced, I  should do it that I went as far as to sit on the floor but just froze there and couldn’t go any further to actually lie down.  Then as I sat there frozen to the ground, I noticed you lying down and all my fears dissipated.  I immediately went down and I felt so free in my spirit and I know, I was doing the right thing and that this is really what I should have been doing all along”.  I smiled.  She added “Thanks. Thanks for obeying God so that my fears could leave me and I could feel free”.  “Your welcome”  I responded.

After she left, I thought to myself, “would you look at that.  My obedience in doing what I did not want to, was not even for me, but was to set someone else free”.  [That’s powerful!]

My friend, it doesn’t matter how silly, simple or senseless, the instructions of the Lord appear to be, CARRY THEM OUT!  It is better to obey God than anything else you can think of. Many times, your own ideas of why he wants a thing and His are completely different. I have found out the why is not as important as the when {even though in some instances not even the when is germane to the instruction as the actual act}.  Instead of debating and deliberating “why Lord” just say “when Lord?. When do you want me to carry out your instruction Jesus?  Now? Ok then, now it is” and just move to His request. You’ll find out at the end of the day that your obedience not only works in keeping you in His favour but brings someone else in His favour to their freedom.  What an awesome God!


10 thoughts on “Carry Them Out!

  1. Absolutely true! God many times takes us through guidance which will not make sense. In my own experience I noticed that if I knew what He was planning I would have never obeyed and accomplished His task. Obedient heart in faith is the key to see the glory of God

  2. One never knows who is watching or how our obedience to the Lord’s commands will affect others. When you’re obedient in the small things, the Lord will move you on to bigger things.

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