Freedom?? Really???


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Freed or Slaved
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Guys, I happened across this wonderful post by Joseyphina from blog address:

I believe it is so true I had to reblog.  Check out her blog, its good.  Thanks Josephyina .

“Faces lit up with the mention of ‘freedom
People have laid down their lives for the sake of liberty;
But are we really free?

What is slavery?

              It is handing over your will to or being under the control of someone or something;

Slavery of  today is not being bound by physical chains;
Today, it’s more of being influenced by our own desires;

By being ‘free’, we find ourselves enslaved to our own pleasures;
Getting entangled by doing what we think we are free to do;
It’s like being a slave to one’s own self.

By declaring ourselves free, we have bound ourselves to something more
Dangerous and powerful;
Something we cannot see with our naked eyes;

No one is totally free;
We always end up being under the control of something;
Why not be a slave to righteousness rather than to sin?

After all, there is a reward to everything;
Being enslaved to righteousness is paid with eternal life;
And that to sin with death;

Who would choose death over life?
No one in his right senses would;
But not everyone is, being enslaved to his lustful desires.

Surrender your will to the Lord who will never lead you astray;
And the best part is, there are no side-effects!
What are you waiting for?!”


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